Baddie Winkle
Instagram star Baddie Winkle, photographed on the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, discussed her fashion influences and what Miley Cyrus might wear during the highly anticipated award show. Getty Images

Baddie Winkle rose to fame on Instagram thanks to her unique sense of style and carefree attitude. The 87-year-old has become friends with some notable names in Hollywood -- including this year's MTV Video Music Awards host Miley Cyrus. As such, she took on the red carpet this year at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, where she opened up to International Business Times reporter Monica Castillo about her style influences and what Cyrus, 23, has in store for viewers wardrobe-wise.

Winkle said she draws much of her fashion influence from her favorite decade -- the 1970s. Winkle makes her hippie-influence obvious to followers through her frequent wearing of tie-dye, macrame-inspired vests, and love of tight-fitting denim. The Instagram-famous grandmother revealed to Castillo that "the short dresses" of the flower-power-fueled decade are the thing she misses the most.

Winkle's own style wasn't the only topic of conversation during her interview with IBTimes. She was also asked about her controversial gal pal, Cyrus. Unfortunately, Winkle couldn't give away too many details about the VMAs host, but she did promise it was going to be memorable. Sadly, she had no input in Cyrus' chosen outfit.

"I won't forget what she's going to wear," she said.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer will be taking the stage several times during the show to present awards, introduce performers and more. Fortunately it looks like she'll also be blessing the live audience, and those viewing at home with a performance. Winkle told Castillo that as excited as she was to have been invited to the star-studded event, it was Cyrus' performance to which she was most looking forward.

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Additional reporting by Monica Castillo.