The death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn in a high speed car crash in the wee hours of Monday has fed Twitter with high-voltage exchanges between his fans and those who criticized the dead daredevil for drunken driving.

The Netizens' war of words was set off by a comment by Pulitzer Prize-winning commentator Roger Ebert, who suggested that Dunn was foolish to drink and drive and advised people not to let jackasses drink and drive.

Ebert had tweeted a link to a news story about Dunn's death, adding: Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.

The statement instantly infuriated the fans of Dun who were mourning his death.

Dunn's long-time friend and associate Bam Margera led from the front in skewering Ebert for what was widely seen as an inappropriate comment.

I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents about a jackass drunk driving and [he is] one, f*** you! he tweeted, serving the veteran Ebert a mouthful.

Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f*****g mouth!, he added.

Hundreds of people joined him in ripping apart Ebert. You shouldn't drink and drive. But there is a time and a place for everything, and Roger Ebert's opportunistic pun was in very poor taste, tweeted DJ RHA.

One tweeter, Perfect_Beanis was particularly offensive. ... that jawless, crippled dumbass roger ebert is being really insensitive right now, the tweet said.

But some others joined the fray suggesting that the 'jaw' reference was itself in poor taste. I understand people are mad at Roger Ebert, but seriously making jokes about his jaw due to his fight against cancer? That's disgusting, tweeted selinaa.

Another brutal, blistering attack on Ebert was something like this: @ebertchicago Roger Ebert shows his true colors, proving that oral cancer could not be more deserved... Insensitive, pathetic and stupid, Kevin Clendenen wrote.

Another one tasted like this: Roger Ebert can croke. A true gentelmen dies and he makes a drunk driving pun out if it? Grow the f*** up. Hope it's your kid next.

However, Ebert stuck to his guns even as his utterance kicked up a nasty storm on the Internet. He said he was right to say Dunn was to blame.

He retweeted Perez Hilton's article with a comment saying: Perez Hilton's readers agree with me and not with Perez about my tweet on Ryan Dunn.

He drank, he drove, 2 people died, Ebert said of Dunn's death.

The Perez's blog had this comment earlier: We certainly agree that driving after drinking is wrong, we think there's no reason - especially RIGHT NOW - that anyone should be pointing fingers or poking fun at a truly tragic situation.

Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a traffic accident in the wee hours of Monday as his Porsche 911 GT3 flew off the road and exploded.

The accident occurred near Dunn’s home in West Chester, Pa., according to the West Goshen Township police. The 34-year-old was returning after a night party. His body was charred beyond recognition and was identified by the tattoos.

His car was capable of reaching 190 mile per hour and the accident was surmised to have been caused by high speed. Hours before his death Dunn had tweeted a photo himself, along with two male friends, having drinks.

TMZ reported that sources informed Dunn had drunk at least three light beers and three shots between 10.30pm and 2.10am at Barnaby's of America bar.
Dunn was an original member of the “Jackass” franchise. He also starred in spinoffs like 'Viva la Bam,' and his own MTV show 'Homewrecker'.

According to the NY Times, Dunn's career in reckless behavior started in the 1990s, when he and friend and collaborator Bam Margera started filming underground skateboard and stunt videos.

He also played conventional roles, appearing in the romantic comedy “Blonde Ambition” (2007) and NBC’s “Law & Order: S.V.U.” according to the report.