Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau
“Barry” star Henry Winkler said that Season 2 of the HBO series will reveal a piece of Gene Cousineau’s past. HBO

Fans are going to get some backstory on Gene Cousineau in Season 2 of “Barry.”

In a recent interview with Deadline, Henry Winkler, who plays Gene on the show, said that the sophomore run of the HBO dark comedy will give viewers a glimpse to his character’s past.

“Well, here it is. If I say anything to you, I will be maimed,” the actor told the news outlet when asked about the fate of Detective Moss (Paula Newsome) who was seemingly shot by Barry (Bill Hader) to death at the end of the Season 1 finale. “[But] the one thing that I probably can say is that we certainly learn about Gene’s past.”

Winkler also revealed that his onscreen students Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Darrell Britt-Gibson, and D’Arcy Carden have bigger roles in the new season.

“We had unbelievable actors in my class, who, in the first season, didn’t really get to do much,” Winkler said. Kirby is on ‘Killing Eve;’ Darrell was in ‘Three Billboards;’ D’Arcy is one of the stars on ‘The Good Place.’ These kids, they’re just incredible. Now, thank god, we read four scripts so far of the new season, and they have a lot more to do.”

When asked if any of these young actors are picking his brain on set, the 72-year-old Golden Globe winner said, “Once in a while, somebody would ask; once in a while, even if they didn’t ask, I would say, ‘Here’s a thought.’ But most of the time, no one picked my brain. My brain is pickless. I will tell you that on Fridays, I brought in a Bundt cake from home, and everybody seemed to like that a lot.”

Hader, who also co-created the show with Alec Berg, said at a For Your Consideration event for the series last month that Season 2 is “somehow … a bit darker.”

Though Hader is keeping Season 2 plot details under wraps, he did reveal the season’s episode count in an interview with Collider last month. “It’s eight again, I think I can say that,” the “SNL” alum said. “As of now it’s eight. You never know. And yeah it’s very causal. It’s a similar single storyline.”

Hader also said that he’s going to direct some of the episodes of the new season. “I’m gonna direct some of the back half,” the Emmy winner said. “If ‘It: Chapter 2’ works out, I’ll be shooting that and then going right into ‘Barry,’ so we have a hiatus in the middle of the season and during that hiatus, I’ll prep my episodes.”

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