Beauty and the Beast
A new teaser trailer of “Beauty And The Beast” was released during the 2017 Golden Globes award ceremony. The film hits theatres on March 17. Walt Disney Studios

Emma Watson is set to charm audiences with her melodic voice in “Beauty And The Beast.” The English actress plays Belle, an intelligent young girl who enters a castle that houses a Beast (Dan Stevens).

A new teaser trailer of the live-action movie was released by Disney during the 2017 Golden Globes award ceremony on Sunday. The special sneak peek of the classic tale of Beauty And The Beast kicks off with Belle picking up a large stick and entering a castle. “Hello?” she asks after she opens the door. Then, Belle sees the Beast for the first time. “Come into the light,” she urges Stevens’ character. The “Harry Potter” actress gasps when she sees his face.

Belle then meets one of the castle’s residents – Chip (Nathan Mack), a teacup.

Watson sings “Belle (Reprise)” in the video.

Earlier, Watson revealed that Belle has an exciting new backstory in the movie. Rather than just being a book lover, the young Disney character will also be an inventor. She invents the washing machine so that she doesn’t have to do laundry and can instead spend that time reading books.

Just like the classic animated movie, Belle holds the key to breaking the curse placed upon the castle. Her love for the Beast is supposed to break the curse.

The Beast and Belle’s friendship begins when he saves her from a pack of vicious wolves.

“Beauty And The Beast” also stars Luke Evans as Gaston, a handsome and shallow villager who woos Belle, Kevin Kline as Belle’s eccentric, but lovable father Maurice, Josh Gad as Gaston’s helper Lefou, Ewan McGregor as the candelabra Lumiere, Stanley Tucci as the harpsichord Maestro Cadenza, Ian McKellen as the mantel clock named Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts.

The movie will feature some new songs while reimagining the story for a contemporary audience.

“Beauty And The Beast” hits theatres on March 17, 2017.