A man walks across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, March 14, 2017. Reuters

As the month of April draws to a close, the time is prime to lock down a springtime getaway — if you don’t already have one booked.

A popular springtime retreat for tourists in the U.S.? National parks apparently rank high on the list, according to TripAdvisor’s Seasonal Attractions Trend index for the spring season, which was released Wednesday.

The travel and booking company published the rankings based on its increase in search sessions for travelers in the U.S. The searches from March 1 through April 16 of 2016 were compared to those from 2017, and the ranked “attractions” had to have at least 20,000 sessions in 2016, according to a TripAdvisor release.

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“This spring, U.S. travelers have shown increased interest in nature and parks as well as sights and landmarks, particularly in the western part of the country,” a senior director of communications for TripAdvisor, Brooke Ferencsik said in a statement.

If there’s one thing tourists love to do, it’s to indulge in a little extra travel spending. In its Economic Review of Travel in America for 2016, the U.S. Travel Association reported that there was $947 billion spent in domestic and international traveler expenditures in 2015 in the U.S.

Check out TripAdvisor’s top 10 locations from its seasonal trends index for some of the most popular spring vacation destinations.

1. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

2. New York Tour1 in New York City, New York

3. The D.C. Trails in Washington D.C.

4. Kualoa Ranch in Kaneohe, Hawaii

5. High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Grand Canyon South Rim at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

7. Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona

8. Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California

9. Havasu Falls in Supai, Arizona

10. Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado