Valentine's Day is upon us, and there are some timely apps for those of you who are looking for a quick (and cheap) date, or those who are trying to get over a recent heartbreak.

An app called KillSwitch launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace Thursday. It is designed to help Facebook users who are still friends with their exes to get rid of all traces of those past flames from their timeline.

The KillSwitch app costs $0.99 cents, and a portion of the profit will be donated to the American Heart Association of New York.

KillSwitch uses bots to scan and find all posts tagged with a user's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend over Facebook, including photos, videos, wall posts and status updates. At that point, users can decide whether they want to delete all content wholesale, select posts, or just download everything to a separate folder that only they can access.

The most important thing about KillSwitch is that you still need to be friends with your ex-significant other on Facebook in order for the app to work. But at that point, you can easily delete traces of those people from your Facebook timeline, including friends, co-workers, or ex-in-laws, etc., whenever you want.

Erica Mannherz, the co-founder of ClearHart, the agency behind the KillSwitch app, spoke to Mashable about how KillSwitch helps Facebook users move on from a troubled relationship.

"This app is intended as an assertion of independence and healing mechanism for the KillSwitcher,” Mannherz said. “It’s meant to help the user reclaim their little corner of the Internet — their Facebook profile — not to inflict pain.

"It’s more about saving yourself from the greater implications of having evidence of defunct relationships all over your business," she adds. "Can we ever really invest in a new relationship while evidence of our past ones remain etched into the peripheries of our digital lives?"

How about some more cheery apps for Valentine’s Day?

- Epicurious for iOS and Android helps you create a fantastic meal with thousands of recipes and guides, so use Epicurious to cook a great dinner for your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

- Field Trip on Android and Wanderous on iOS both help you find an adventure nearby for a fun and exciting date. Field Trip is essentially Yelp with a GPS features, helping you find hidden museums and local spots. Wanderous is basically a treasure map: Select a place on the map and the app will guide you there while intentionally misleading you to other cool spots along the way.

- If words aren’t your strong suit, use Someecards to find the perfect witty and sarcastic ecard to send your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Someecards costs $0.99 cents, but it’s really easy to share the ecard on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any social networks you might use.