When it comes to investing in commodities market, everyone these days turns to Jim Rogers, the global investing legend on commodities. Rogers, author of bestselling books like Hot Commodities, A Bull in China, Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist, is these days settled in Singapore. Rogers offers the most practical advice and information on commodities for beginners and seasoned investors. His books--especially Hot Commodities--are the best resources on how to read the commodities reports in newspapers or on television, the various ways to open an account, information on index funds (such as Rogers' own index fund that he started in 1998 called Rogers International Commodity Index ), mechanisms, terminology, and other vital details people must know before investing.

In a brief e-mail interview with Commodity Online, Jim Rogers says that it would be better for countries like China-and everyone-to build commodity reserves rather than reserves in US dollar.

Here is Jim Rogers for you:

Commodity Online: Where is gold price heading?
Jim Rogers: I have no idea over the next year or so, but expect it much higher over the next decade or so.

Commodity Online:
Do you think gold is the best investment asset among commodities?
Jim Rogers: No

Commodity Online: George Soros has said that gold is the 'ultimate asset bubble'. What is your view on this?
Jim Rogers: I do not understand the statement.

Commodity Online: You have said that gold price will touch $2000 per ounce in the next 10 years?
Jim Rogers: I continue to expect this.

Commodity Online: Which are the best commodities that you recommend people to buy?
Jim Rogers: Agriculture as a class is probably better than the other 2 classes.

Commodity Online: Do you think China should build gold reserves by selling its forex reserves held in US dollar?
Jim Rogers: I would think they - and everyone - would be better building commodity reserves rather than reserves in US dollars.