Season 1 of “Better Call Saul” wrapped up Monday, and the AMC spinoff series left things pretty open-ended for Season 2. Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) drove away in the last scene of the finale – after turning down a lucrative job offer – vowing to Mike (Jonathan Banks) that, essentially, he would never let ethics hold him back again. It seems Jimmy’s transformation into the Saul Goodman of “Breaking Bad” has begun, but what can fans expect when “Better Call Saul” returns?

Here are five things we know about Season 2:

1. Jimmy And Chuck Will Have Difficulty Reconciling

After Jimmy walked out on Chuck (Michael McKean) – after the news that his brother had prevented him from getting a job at HHM – both brothers showed moments of wanting to reconcile. Jimmy was spotted sitting in his car outside of Chuck’s house, and Chuck very nearly went outside to talk to Jimmy before Jimmy drove away. But the characters will not be able to fully heal the wounds of Season 1. And considering Jimmy’s new outlook on life, they probably will not get any closer in Season 2.

After the finale, Odenkirk told Variety he doubts the relationship will ever fully recover.

“I don’t think it can be fixed. I do think that depending on what happens to Chuck, the two brothers can reconnect and acknowledge that they care about each other and love each other and that they’re victims of their own egos," said Odenkirk. “When people say words like ‘fixed,’ there’s always going to be a deep shadow of pain cast by what happened in the first season, that inability of Chuck to believe in his younger brother and give him a chance to be respected. I think that’s never going to go away.”

2. Jimmy May Leave Kim Behind

Turning down the job offer at the end of the finale should be a tough one for Jimmy to explain to Kim (Rhea Seehorn). Will it doom the possible romantic relationship between them? Odenkirk says it might. The new Jimmy – who will eventually become Saul Goodman – will likely reject Kim’s constant pressure to do the right thing.

"I don’t like the character seeking so much approval from people who aren’t giving it to him," Odenkirk told Variety. “At a certain point you want that person to have some dignity and walk away from people who aren’t going to get behind him.”

3. The Supporting Cast Will Play a Bigger Role

In an AMC promo video previewing Season 2, creator Vince Gilligan said fans will see more of the supporting characters’ stories in Season 2. That means Mike (Jonathan Banks), Nacho (Michael Mando) and Kim will be seen more in the new episodes.

4. Jimmy Will Become Saul Goodman

In the AMC preview, Gilligan says Jimmy will keep his promise to Mike in the finale – to discard ethics – as fans watch him “getting that much closer to becoming Saul Goodman.”

“He is going in a direction towards moral grayness,” says co-creator Peter Gould.

It seems Season 2 will dial up the sleaze factor as Jimmy starts to become the shady lawyer “Breaking Bad” fans know he is destined to become.

Watch the AMC video below:

5. There Will Be Surprises

What will Jimmy's transformation into Saul entail? Not even Odenkirk knows! The actor guaranteed there would be surprises in Season 2 as Jimmy continues to develop as a character. 

"Don't have any expectations story-wise," Odenkirk told the Hollywood Reporter. "I think experiencing this show, playing the character of Jimmy McGill, is a lot like life. You don't know what's gong to come up every day. Every time you pick up a script, you really don't know what new elements could creep into it and where it's going to go and the way the characters' choices are going to be reconsidered and changed and altered."

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