Destiny's Child At The Super Bowl
Anticipation for the Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child Super Bowl performance caused a dramatic surge in their albums sales in the last week. Reuters

Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child saw a large jump in album sales leading up to their Super Bowl performance last Sunday.

In the midst of Beyoncé’s performance, the superstar solo singer reunited with her iconic singing group and they did a medley for their songs as well as one of her own.

Excitement over the Destiny’s Child reunion has seen the group’s album sales up a staggering 600 percent, while Beyoncé’s solo sales have increased by 230 percent in the week ending Feb. 3, Billboard reports.

The music industry website notes that the Destiny’s Child sales increase also includes sales from the group’s new compilation album “Love Songs,” that released Jan. 29 and features one new track, “Nuclear.”

Also aiding in the sales jump are price cuts from various online music retailers such as iTunes and Amazon MP3 store. Amazon currently sells Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child albums for $7.99 while they range between $5 and $7.99 on iTunes, according to Billboard.

Having also tracked digital sales, Nielsen SoundScan determined that Beyoncé’s increased by approximately 85 percent, while Destiny’s Child’s increased by more than 300 percent.

Beyoncé’s hit single “Halo” was her best-selling song of the week, with which she closed her Super Bowl performance, while the best-selling song for Destiny’s Child was “Say My Name,” which the group did not perform.

In the meanwhile, accolades continue to pour in about the Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child Super Bowl performance. Former Destiny’s Child member Latavia Roberson had interviewed with Celebuzz Monday and had nothing but kind words for the group.

“Obviously, seeing Beyoncé perform was the highlight for me. I got a real surprise when both Kelly [Rowland] and Michelle [Williams] both popped-up on the stage like that,” she told Celebuzz.

“I thought they all looked great and did a good job with their dance moves,” she continued. “Beyonce was especially amazing. She looked fabulous and her voice was really strong. During the performance somebody texted me to say they could not hear Kelly and Michelle sing. It was so noisy in the house where we watched the performance that I did not really notice anything wrong. But who knows? They probably had some technical problems.”

Roberson departed from Destiny’s Child in 2000.