Beyoncé and Jay-Z jet off to Caribbean island of St Bart's for first family holiday with daughter Blue Ivy
Beyoncé and Jay-Z jet off to Caribbean island of St Bart's for first family holiday with daughter Blue Ivy Reuters

As if the rumors surrounding Beyonce's baby, Blue Ivy Carter, were not enough, the latest news suggests the supposedly exclusive interview the singer gave to a magazine in the UK is a fake.

According to Beyonce's representative, the interview published in Star UK is completely made-up. The first exclusive interview has since been carried by several publications. Access Hollywood reported the singer's representative as rejecting reports of the interview.

In the interview, Beyonce spoke about the instant connection with baby Blue and Jay-Z being a protective father.

Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can't be found, Beyonce was quoted as saying in the interview.

However, Star UK's editor is still standing firm on the publication's claim of the exclusive interview.

It is not made up or fictitious at all, the editor insists. We bought the interview from a reporter in the U.S. who conducted the interview with Beyonce before the birth. The reporter then obtained the top-up info after the birth, which we believe to have been signed off by a girl on her LSM [Labor Service Management] team, he explained.

However, even if the interview was made up of two smaller ones, as the editor claims, Star UK has neglected to mention that in the article.

In fact, the first line of the story reads: Talking exclusively to Star in her first interview since giving birth, Beyonce Knowles told us she had an 'instant connection' with her daughter Blue Ivy.

In the so-called exclusive interview, Beyonce also talks about her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

He is not only an inspirational artist, he is an inspirational husband. I know the next step on his journey is going to be being an inspirational father. He will change diapers, of course he will. He is going to be a very hands-on father. He has already said publicly that providing isn't love. Love is being there. Love is doing the little things for your child. We are all great, we are just glad to be going home and starting this new stage of our life, she was quoted as saying.

Blue Ivy Carter, the singer couple's first baby, was born on January 7 at New York City's Lenox Hill Hospital.