BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, canceled plans to install a new president for the company's operations in China, the Beijing-based Beijing Times reported on Friday, the same day that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) announced heavy regulation over resident representative offices of foreign firms.

The main reason for the cancelation was that the company wanted to adjust its marketing model, the newspaper said, without telling details about the company's decision.

Last year, BHP closed its Beijing office, which was mainly used for mine exploration, leaving its Shanghai-based China headquarters as the company's only presence in China.

The previous president, Clinton Dines, left his job after taking the helm of BHP's China business for 21 years. He was mainly responsible for the company's administrative affairs in China and its relationship with the government.

Some other senior officials of BHP in China will also resign besides Dines, the Beijing Times said, without giving the name.

The spokesman of the company said their leave was individual behavior and wouldn't affect the company's business in China.

Ben Williams will manage BHP's China operations. Williams is currently vice president for marketing in China, and sells the company's iron ore and manganese ore.

China will enforce its regulation over resident representative offices of foreign firms in China, insider of Registry Societies for Foreign-Investment Enterprises under SAIC said on the same Friday.

It's reported that SAIC has made a draft of regulations with the authorization of State Council, which is expected to be unveiled soon.

The regulations aim to regulate the activities foreign activities, the insider said.

BHP has also adjusted its presidents in India and Japan.