bb20 spoilers
The "Big Brother" Season 20 houseguests are pictured playing the wall endurance competition. CBS

When “Big Brother” ended its Thursday night broadcast on CBS, the new Head of Household competition was underway. However, live feed viewers were able to find out who became the next Season 20 HOH.

The “Out On A Limb” wall endurance competition kicked off just before 7 p.m. PST on Thursday and ended just shy of one hour later, according to Big Brother Network, who also posted spoilers regarding the competition’s winner.

According to the site, Angie was the first to be eliminated and responded to her defeat by crying on former HOH Scottie’s shoulder. Her fall came after an explosive verbal battle with Brett following the live eviction episode. Faysal and Brett fell a few minutes later, followed by Bayleigh and Angela.

At the half-hour mark, Rachel fell first, leaving five houseguests in the game. Out of the five, Haleigh fell first, followed by JC, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee. Sam and Tyler were the final two left in the competition. It is said that Sam promised Tyler, who is her ally, safety this week and he dropped, allowing Sam to be the next Head of Household.

Following the competition, the live feeds caught Sam discussing who she won’t be putting up for eviction. She is said to have informed Angela, Rachel and Brett, who is part of the original Level 6 alliance, that they are safe this week. Later, Sam announced she already had her nominations in mind but was “not allowed” to tell.

big brother sam HOH
Sam has promised safety to Tyler, Angela, Brett and Rachael this week on "Big Brother." CBS

While it’s unclear who Sam might be planning to put up, Haleigh was heard on the feeds stating she believes Sam will nominate her being that they do not talk in the house. Angie also upset Sam late Thursday night by banging pots and pans to disturb Brett.

Sam has an interesting decision to make this week. Since she did not use her Bonus Life Power App voluntarily, that means that whoever is evicted this week will immediately get to use it, giving them the chance to return to the game.

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Who do you think Sam will nominate for eviction? Share your predictions in the comments section below and tune into “Big Brother” on Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.