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Will Victor be sent home on Tuesday night in “Big Brother” Season 18? CBS

“Big Brother” Season 18 recently introduced a new segment that will be featured in the hit CBS reality every week.

For the past two weeks, houseguests Natalie and James already received America’s Care Package from viewers, according to Big Brother Network. Natalie received a Never Have-Not pass which means that she can never be a have-not throughout the remainder of the season. Regardless if Natalie is one of the first four houseguests to lose in the Head of Household (HOH) game, she still cannot be a have-not. Typically, have-nots sleep on very small beds, eat slob and stay in an extremely cold room.

Meanwhile, James received a care package from viewers on Sunday night that contained a pack of white socks and underwear.

As Natalie revealed in the episode, James has been borrowing some of her socks and clothes because he doesn’t have enough. However, James also received the power to eliminate two eviction votes come Thursday night. This means that James will have the opportunity to name two house guests that won’t have the chance to vote for another house guest on eviction night.

In other news, this week’s care package will guarantee one houseguest’s safety for at least another week. According to CBS, there’s a downside to this treat because whoever will be granted immunity will also have to wear a Super Safety costume throughout the entire week.

Voting for the houseguest who should receive this care package will end on Aug. 12. Casting of votes may be done online via the CBS website.

Two weeks from now, another houseguest may be granted the Co-HOH care package which grants the contestant the chance to nominate one of two houseguests for eviction. Voting for the Co-HOH care package will commence on Aug. 14.

“Big Brother US” season 18 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET on CBS.