‘Big Brother’
“Big Brother” Season 19 alum Jessica Graf will play the role of a hostess in the Oct. 2 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 houseguests Jessica Graf’s and Dominique Cooper’s fates may have just been sealed – or so the other houseguests may think.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Big Brother” Season 19. Read at your own risk!

After being nominated by Head of Household (HOH) Alex Ow, either Jessica or Dominique could leave the “Big Brother” house on Thursday, July 20. But if one of them will receive this week’s “Den of Temptation,” they could instantly keep themselves safe. The “Halting Hex” is a very tricky temptation since it gives one houseguest the power to not hold an eviction ceremony for that particular week.

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For instance, if Jessica or Dominique receives the temptation, they could prevent themselves from being evicted. But there’s always a catch in the “Big Brother” house and host Julie Chen always tells the houseguests to expect the unexpected. This means that if the temptation is accepted, there would be a major consequence in the coming days.

As of late, the houseguests also don’t have any idea that there’s going to be a Battle Back competition on Friday, July 21. This will provide one of the four evicted houseguests the chance to return to the game. Whoever receives the “Halting Hex” will also have the power to prevent one of the four evicted houseguests from returning to the competition.

If Jessica or Dominique will receive the “Halting Hex,” and they use it to prevent this week’s eviction, they will not have to power to stop the first three evicted houseguests from entering the house. This may be very beneficial to Jessica because it will not only guarantee her safety for another week; she will also have the chance to reunite with her boyfriend, Cody Nickson, who was eliminated last week.

However, America’s vote is what will ultimately decide who will receive the “Halting Hex.” If another houseguest receives it, they could wait for the next four live eviction ceremonies to use the temptation. They could also use it regardless if they are the one on the block or not.

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