Big Brother” Season 19 is set to premiere next month, but the names of the houseguests participating in the game are still being kept under wraps.

Just recently, “Big Brother” Season 17 winner Steve Moses spoke with Kassting Inc.’s Christopher Catalano regarding the selection process for the houseguests every season. According to Moses, there are several different types of casting calls that potential houseguests can participate in. The winner attended the CBS casting call where he was asked to speak in front of the cameras for two minutes.

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In addition, there is a regular casting call where representatives from Kassting Inc. have a conversation with the aspiring contestants. Catalano revealed that there also some houseguests who are classified as recruits, and these are contestants who are tapped by someone from the casting agency.

Big Brother” Season 17 alum Meg Maley was a recruit. Catalano said that he had a meal at a restaurant where Meg was working at, and he immediately noticed her personality. Meg’s hairstyle and the way she dressed also stood out for the casting director so he decided to ask if she would be interested in joining a reality TV show. Catalano obviously wanted Meg to make it until the end, but she didn’t win.

“Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox was recruited to join “Big Brother” Season 9. Catalano said that he pitched Cox to become one of the semi-finalists, but she never made it until the end either.

Meanwhile, after the casting calls are done, selected contestants are called via Skype. But Catalano said that receiving a call from someone from Kassting Inc. does not guarantee that they will really be on the show.

When asked when the houseguests will receive the final call announcing their involvement in the upcoming season, Catalano said that it takes place a few days after the final day of submission. Those who submit their bio and other information much earlier have to wait for the news for about three months. But those who will submit their application during the final three days can get a call sooner.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will air three times a week starting June 28 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.