• Asta needs to improvise in order to draw Liebe's real power
  • Nacht's Shadow Magic fused with Pack remains a big threat for Asta
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 272 is releasing Friday

Asta wields his new weapon named Demon-Slasher Katana and vows to surpass his limits. "Black Clover" Chapter 272 will showcase the battle between Asta and Nacht.

The chapter is getting an early release as fans will get their hands on the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue Friday. It will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

The previous "Black Clover" chapter opens with a panel showcasing Nacht using Devil Union Mode: Canis to fuse with his devils. He tells Asta the only way to command power is to fuse with Liebe or Anti Magic Devil and draw out all of his power.

Asta starts to fuse with his devil. However, their union remains incomplete and fans get to see Liebe's new form. Liebe shrinks after giving his Anti-Magic power to Asta.

Nacht explains that in Devil-Binding contracts, the initiative to unite belongs to the one giving orders. Since Nacht has complete dominance over his devils, he can easily use Union.

Asta's current state is not Union as the devil's true powers are only trickling into him. Asta asks Liebe how can he use his real powers, but the devil is clueless. Later, Asta blames Liebe for getting into this silly contract. Nacht interrupts and tells Asta that he will just figure it out as they fight.

Nacht powers up and announces that using Devil Union gives him the ability to add the characteristics of his devils to Shadow Magic. He summons Gidemolo's characteristics called Pack.

The next panel shows wolf-like beasts fusing with his Shadow Magic. The shadows attack Liebe and Asta. The Black Bulls member tries to dodge the attack. Asta notes that each of the shadows possesses the same Ki as the Vice-Captain.

Interestingly, the shadows won't disappear until he defeats Nacht. Asta cannot find Nacht as he blends with his shadows. Meanwhile, Asta will have to improvise during this battle as he is unable to draw the real power of the Anti Magic Devil.

Earlier, Asta and Liebe made an equal contract, and drawing the true powers will not be easy for him.

Black Clover Quartet Knights "Black Clover Quartet Knights" Photo: steamXO/Flickr/