Cress Williams as Jefferson
Jefferson (Cress Williams) pays Martin Proctor (Gregg Henry) a visit in Season 1, episode 9 of CW’s “Black Lightning.” The CW

Jefferson remains upset at Gambi in next week’s episode of “Black Lightning.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 9 of the CW series, tensions remain high between Jefferson (Cress Williams) and Gambi (James Remar) after the tailor revealed his real identity to the school principal.

At the end of this week’s Season 1, episode 8, Gambi told Jefferson that he’s real name is Peter Esposito and that he came to Freeland 30 years ago as an agent for a government organization called ASA. Gambi went on to reveal that ASA was conducting an experiment in Freeland, giving the people a vaccine to make them passive and keep them docile in what was a very politically explosive environment. The vaccine, however, inadvertently created metahumans, and it was Gambi’s job to find them. “But when I realized that the ASA’s vaccine was killing children, I leaked the information to your father and his investigation got him killed,” Gambi admitted.

Gambi told Jefferson that he’s tried to protect him the best he could since he learned that he’s a metahuman. “But now I can’t anymore,” Gambi confessed, before telling Jefferson that Martin Proctor (Gregg Henry), the head of the ASA in Freeland is looking for Black Lightning. “If you use your powers or you go out in the suit he will find you, and they will kill you,” Gambi warned the crime-fighting vigilante. “And they will find Anissa (Nafessa Williams), and they will kill her, too. I’m sorry Jefferson but you have to stop being Black Lightning.”

But as seen in the trailer for the next episode, Jefferson dismisses Gambi’s advice. Wearing Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton masks, Jefferson and Anissa visit Martin’s office and demand answers.

Elsewhere in the promo clip, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) freaks out when Anissa tells her that Jefferson is Black Lightning.

Last episode, Jennifer found out that she’s got powers. But unlike her elder sister Anissa, it seems that Jennifer won’t embrace her special abilities quickly. “It’ll be different because she comes at it from a different perspective,” Cress Williams told Entertainment Weekly of how Jennifer will deal with her newfound powers. “Even if you separate powers, you see that there’s a difference in personality types and what’s important to them between Anissa and Jennifer. Once powers are introduced, they also subsequently take different roads and have different reactions to it.”

“Black Lightning” Season 1, episode 9, titled “The Book of Little Black Lie,” airs on Tuesday, March 20 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.