The internet is terrified of the New York Police Department’s newest “canine” on unit: Digidog, a robo-dog that the Netflix series “Black Mirror” warned of.

After a video went viral of Digidog in action, the internet started comparing it to Series 4 Episode 5, “Metalhead,” where human society is no longer in existence and has been overrun by robot dogs. Some fear that this new invention could eventually turn into something negative.

It was first deployed in February when men were being held hostage in a Bronx apartment and the robot was able to see how safe it was and if it was safe for the police to enter, the New York Times reported.

The creators of Digidog, Boston Dynamics, explained that these devices won’t be used as a weapon, but a political art collective has shared a few examples of how easy it is for things to go downhill fast, including a handful of Muslim Americans being killed by drones, according to the Guardian.

The machine weighs 70 pounds, is remote-controlled, has lights and a camera, has two-way communication and can move at a speed up to three-and-a-half miles per hour. According to Business Insider, it also costs approximately $75,000.

nypd commissioner makes an appeal to end violence
nypd commissioner makes an appeal to end violence RJA1988 - Pixabay