How will Liz react in Season 2 of "The Blacklist" now that she knows her father is alive on? NBC

The wait is almost over for fans of the NBC drama “The Blacklist.” The Season 2 premiere is just weeks away now, set to air Monday, Sep. 22. After the Season 1 finale left fans with more than a few burning questions to wrestle with over the season break, anticipation for the new episodes is high for the popular network series. Now the synopsis for the premiere episode is giving fans a sneak peek into what’s in store when the show returns.

Fans will remember that in the Season 1 finale Liz thought she had finally stopped Berlin, mistakenly believing she had shot him in a confrontation with her, Berlin and Red. However, it turned out she had shot a security guard that Berlin had used as a decoy and the real Berlin had escaped. Tom also revealed to Liz that her father is still alive. She had previously believed her father had died in a fire and the last shot of the season showed severe burn marks on Red’s back. Is Red Liz’s father?

The answers to that and more will begin to come with the second season. The synopsis for the premiere episode, titled “Lord Baltimore,” reveals that with Berlin still on the loose, Red’s hunt for the man continues. However, he will also have a new adversary to contend with, the titular Lord Baltimore. Is Lord Baltimore connected to Berlin? To make things more complicated an important person from Red’s past will reenter his life.

Meanwhile, Liz will be struggling to move on in her own life after the bomb that Tom dropped on her about her father. Liz has not seen Red’s burn marks yet, but still suspected him of being her father after Tom's reveal. How will the dynamic change in the new season?

“The Blacklist” promises a riveting Season 2 and, hopefully, some answers to fans’ questions. The premiere will also see the guest star appearances of Mary Louise-Parker (“Weeds”) and Krysten Ritter (“Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23”), as well as Peter Stormare from “Fargo.” The jam-packed Season 2 premiere airs Monday, Sep. 22 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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