The Blacklist
Who will join Red (James Spader, right) and Liz (Megan Boone) as Jasper (not pictured) on "The Blacklist." NBC

"The Blacklist" fans have a long wait ahead of them before the post-Super Bowl return in 2015. Details are already emerging, however, about the midseason premiere of the hit NBC show’s second season.

After a busy fall finale that saw two major character deaths and Tom (Ryan Eggold) set free, viewers have a lot of questions for the NBC drama. Fortunately, TV Line unearthed some details about the highly anticipated episode 9.

According to TV Line, “The Blacklist” is currently searching for an A-list actor to join the Season 2 cast in a recurring role beginning with the post-Super Bowl return. The character is Jasper, the 50-something director of the National Clandestine Services. The site claims that Jasper is in charge of the multinational group that runs the world's most powerful figures.

What will Jasper’s role be on the show? That much is still unclear. Before dying in episode 8, Alan Fitch (Alan Alda), a.k.a. the Decembrist, told Red (James Spader) that his death would set off a chain reaction of people coming after Red now that people were not as afraid of the criminal. Could Jasper be the first to take a shot at Red with Fitch out of the picture?

Plus, who will be cast in the role? With NBC searching for an A-list star and looking to make a big splash in the post-Super Bowl time slot, fans could be getting a big name addition to the show’s cast. Peter Stormare, who played the now-deceased Berlin, set the bar pretty high for guest star performances with his portrayal of the main villain of the first half of the season. Can Jasper’s casting match Stormare?

“The Blacklist” will return on Sunday Feb. 1, 2015, immediately following the Super Bowl on NBC. Until then, fans will just have to wait to see the fallout from the action-packed midseason finale.

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