The Blacklist Season 3 Finale Recap
Red (James Spader) learned a shocking secret after he was betrayed in the Season 3 finale of “The Blacklist.” NBC

Since the death of Liz, Red has been driven to take down the man responsible on NBC’s “The Blacklist.” In the Season 3 finale, Red was about to finally get his revenge until he learned that he was betrayed by someone he trusted the most. Red’s world was also flipped upside down by a shocking revelation in episode 23, titled “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion.”

The episode begins with Sen. (Benito Martinez) at a press conference issuing a subpoena to Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) for providing fuel to terrorists. The crime he’s accusing Kirk of isn’t true, but Red (James Spader) figures it could be enough to get Kirk to turn himself in. However, Kirk decides he’s not going to turn himself over to Diaz.

Red plans to use stolen fuel from Syria to trap Kirk. Once the fuel is found by the task force, they will be able to arrest the driver for stolen contraband that can be traced back to Kirk. When a gas truck stops at a hot dog restaurant, Red, Tom and the task force switch out a gas truck’s container with the stolen fuel. Red stalls for time in the restaurant and they’re able to do the switch before the driver returns to the truck.

Once the driver leaves, Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Samar (Mozhan Marnò) stop him and make the arrest. When it’s traced back to Kirk, Kirk has no choice but to turn himself in and hope that his “powerful” friends will be able to clear him when he shows up at court.

Red meets with Cooper (Harry Lennix) after the fuel switch to tell him he’s going to kill Kirk when he gets out of the car at the courthouse. After he kills him, Red says his work with Cooper will be finished, but not before telling him how much he admires him and the rest of the task force. However, with Liz (Megan Boone) no longer around, Red doesn’t see a need to keep working with the team.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Stalder (Kelly AuCoin) hires a hit man (Raoul Trujillo) on behalf of Kirk to kill Tom (Ryan Eggold) and take baby Agnes. Tom is food shopping while Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) and Red’s other men keep an eye on him and the baby. To avoid being followed around, Tom is able to slip away from them and escape with Agnes. He then heads to a small airport to get on a plane to Cuba with Agnes, while the hit man is hot on his trail.

Red finds a high spot in a building near the courthouse and starts to set up a sniper rifle to take out Kirk. Ressler shows up at the spot to try to stop Red because he wants Red to take him in, not kill him. Meanwhile, Kirk gets briefed by Stalder that Tom has taken Agnes to Cuba, but the hit man is on his way down there as well.

While Ressler points a gun at Red’s head, Red stands behind the weapon and says he’s doing it to avenge Liz. Ressler is a man of morals and wants Red to do the right thing, but as Kirk’s limo rolls up the courthouse, Ressler puts his gun down. Red looks down the scope of the gun ready to shoot Kirk, but the man who gets out of the limo isn’t Kirk.

Once he discovers Kirk isn’t at the courthouse, Red calls Aram (Amir Arison) to have him find out where Kirk is. Aram discovers that Kirk had arrived in Washington, D.C., but took a private plane to Cuba. Aram also looks up the plane that Tom took to Cuba and Red seeks out the owner of the airport, Omar (Philip Hernandez).

When Red pays Omar a visit to ask why he betrayed him and sent Tom to Cuba, Omar says he was only following Mr. Kaplan’s orders. Red is shocked she betrayed him and when he confronts her, she tells him that she did it for him. She doesn’t believe he could have succeeded in protecting Agnes, so she sent Tom and Agnes to Cuba where they’d be safe. He tells her that Kirk is on the way to Cuba and now they’re in danger. Mr. Kaplan looks shocked and says it’s not just Tom and Agnes who are there.

When Tom arrives in Cuba with Agnes, he walks into a house where Liz is alive and waiting for him. While on a plane to Cuba, Mr. Kaplan explains to Red how she was able to fake Liz’s death. She decided to betray Red after seeing how scared Liz was for her baby. She spoke to Liz and then got Nik to help her make it look like Liz died. She then sent Liz to Cuba and got another body for the funeral.

Kirk’s men make it to Cuba and are able to kidnap Liz and Agnes while Tom is out. When Tom returns to the home he finds it broken into and fights a man he finds on the inside. Tom then gets knocked out from behind. By the time Red, Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) and Mr. Kaplan, arrive they find an empty house and Red doesn’t know what he’s going to do with Mr. Kaplan.

Liz is now in the custody of Kirk and she wants to know what he wants with her. Kirk tells Liz he’s been waiting 25 years to speak with her. He reveals his real name is Constantine Rostova and he’s her father.