The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 19 Recap
Red (James Spader) faces his past in Cape May, New Jersey, in episode 19 of “The Blacklist” Season 3. NBC

The last time Red saw Katerina Rostova, she was walking into the ocean where it was believed she died. After the shocking events of losing Liz in episode 18 of NBC’s “The Blacklist” Season 3, Red took a trip down memory lane in Cape May, New Jersey. For the first time ever, viewers got to see Liz’s mother in episode 19, titled “Cape May.

Episode 19 begins with Nick (Piter Marek) explaining to Red (James Spader) what happened with Liz (Megan Boone) and the medical complications that followed the birth of her daughter. Red gets tired of hearing it and Nick starts to beg for his life. Red tells him that “everyone dies someday.”

Red is still in shock over Liz’s death and is not coping with it very well. He takes a cab to Cape May to take some time away from everything. When he gets to Cape May, he goes for breakfast at a diner and he sees a woman (Lotte Verbeek) there in a booth by herself. She leaves quickly when a man comes in looking for her.

Later on, Red sits on the beach and sees the same girl there. She takes off her jacket and necklace and walks into the water. Red fears she’s trying to kill herself, so he jumps in the water and saves her. He takes the girl to a closed bed and breakfast, where he’s been before. He warms the girl up by the fireplace and she starts to tell him about regrets she has about someone she lost before they fall asleep.

When Red wakes up he finds the woman upstairs and she believes someone is there to kill her because she sees shadows moving outside. Red goes outside to investigate and finds a black garbage bag was making the shadows. The woman then cooks the two of them dinner and Red starts to question her.

He wants to know who’s trying to kill her and who she lost, but she doesn’t answer. Instead, she asks him about his loss. He explains that he had to choose to save a woman or a child because he couldn’t rescue both. Red said he chose the child, but all he did was bring her misery and now she’s dead. Suddenly, Red and the woman hear a knock on the door.

The police show up because they’ve gotten calls about lights on in the house. Red shows the cop his ID and explains that friends are letting him stay there for the weekend. The cop sees no problem and leaves, but the woman thinks the cop knows Red was lying.

The Blacklist Episode 19
Red (James Spader) has flashbacks of Katerina Rostova (Lotte Verbeek) in episode 19 of “The Blacklist” Season 3. NBC

After the cop leaves, the woman takes a bath upstairs and Red sits outside to talk to her. She asks him if he’s ever killed anyone and he says that he has, but only those who deserved it. He notes that he knows that she’s killed people too when they hear a window break downstairs. Red goes to check it out and is attacked from behind by a man. The woman runs in, fights the man off and kills him by smashing his head on the sink. She warns Red that he’s the first of many that will come for her.

The two sit in the living room of the house and she asks him if he’s ever spared someone that deserved to die. He talks about Liz, who was a woman he loved, and how Tom (Ryan Eggold) won’t let him anywhere near his baby daughter because he doesn’t want what happened to Liz to happen again. The woman figures out that the person Red spared was Tom because he didn’t want to bring pain to Liz and the baby.

The woman gets a phone call and tells Red more men will be there soon. She asks Red to leave but he refuses to go without her. He asks why she tried to kill herself and explains to her all the pain she would have caused to those that love her. She tries to explain that she had no choice and was doing it to protect her daughter from being hunted.

While they agree to stay, they prepare for the arrival of the assailants by booby trapping the house in a way that’s much more brutal than how it was done in “Home Alone.” Red asks her what her name is and she says “don’t be ridiculous Raymond.”

Red and the woman slowly pick off the assailants one by one, thanks to the booby traps the two set up. They’re able to kill each person and Red goes to clean up, while she goes to get the car. When Red goes to the car he discovers that the car isn’t drivable and when he goes back in the house he finds everything in place with no evidence of a fight.

Red stumbles onto the beach and talks to a man who said that Red is the only person he’s seen on the beach all week. Red then realizes he’s been on his own the whole time and he had imagined the woman. The man finds a necklace in the sand and Red recognizes it immediately. He pays the man for it and realizes that it’s Katerina Rostova’s necklace.

The woman he imagined the whole episode was Liz’s mother. He sees her one last time and she tells him that he saved her through Liz. Red then walks away on a mission to go see someone.