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  • BLACKPINK just returned to South Korea after a two-night concert in Vietnam
  • Jisoo was spotted wearing a Courrèges "Over The Rainbow" t-shirt
  • Profits will go to ARDHIS, an organization that protects LGBTQ+ rights in France

BLACKPINK member Jisoo recently made a subtle but brave statement that showed support for the LGBTQ+ community and their rights, and fans couldn't help but "stan" her more.

On Monday, the 28-year-old South Korean artist returned to her home country after she and her bandmates Lisa, Jennie and Rosé concluded their two-night concert at the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, over the weekend. Local media outlets captured BLACKPINK's arrival on camera, which has since circulated on social media.

But Jisoo immediately caught the attention of fans — known as BLINKS — after she was seen donning a Courrèges "Over The Rainbow" t-shirt, designed by French artistic director Nicolas Di Felice, as seen in photos from Twitter pop culture account @PopBase. The shirt, however, was more than just ordinary.

Once bought, the profits from the sale would be donated to the "Association pour la reconnaissance des droits des personnes homosexuelles et trans à l'immigration et au séjour" or Ardhis — an organization that supports and protects the rights of homosexuals and transgender people in France, both residents and foreigners, who are suffering, suffered, or are at risk of suffering because of "sexual or gender" orientation in the country.

Fans couldn't help but feel proud that one of the biggest names in the K-Pop industry supported and promoted the cause.

"We don't talk enough [about] how Jisoo is the kindest person you'll [never] catch her disappointing," one user commented on Pop Base's post.

Another wrote, "Using her platform for all the right reasons... that's how you break boundaries, and this why SHE is a mother to many!"

"I actually love how she doesn't care about K-Pop at all despite being her being in the biggest girl group of today. Instead, she uses her influence and platform for good," a third user added.

"That's what a real idol looks and acts like," a fourth user shared, while another commented, "Jisoo is the greenest flag and sweetest K-Pop idol [that] ever existed."

"She is truly an angel. I just know she genuinely cares about people, and she tries to do that whenever she can, from wearing a shirt to donating all the profits of her YouTube channel to charity, she is just a very good woman," a sixth user noted, referring to the singer's personal YouTube channel called "Happiness Jisoo 103%" that donates its profits to "those in need."

BLACKPINK recently kicked off the encore leg of its "Born Pink" world tour at the Stade de France in Paris on July 15. The group is slated to perform once again at several stadiums in the U.S. this August, including New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium, San Francisco's Oracle Park and Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium.