Blockbuster has offered Netflix subscribers an alternative to Netflix's deal. Blockbuster will offer Netflix subscribers the same pricing plan, but with more benefits.

Blockbuster LLC said Thursday that it will match the prices of Netflix, but Blockbuster, unlike Netflix, will include video games too. Blockbuster subscribers will also be able to exchange discs at the Blockbuster stores. Also, the long-time running store offers more new releases than Netflix currently can.

When Netflix dropped a new pricing plan on its subscribers Tuesday, it created a large amount of outrage, anger and disappointment amongst Netflix subscribers.

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According to spokeswoman Jessie Becker, the new pricing plan was designed to better reflect the costs of each [service] and to give our members a choice...with this change, we will no longer offer a plan that includes both unlimited streaming and DVDs by mail.

The new Netflix services offer a DVD option (with one disc out at a time), or a streaming option, at a separate price of $7.99. The old, customer preferred option, gave subscribers unlimited streaming plus one DVD disc out at a time for a low $9.99.

Blockbuster has seen the anger Netflix's price increase has ensued, and it trying to gain the upperhand on the market which Netflix previously dominated. But with a similar price structure, it remains to be seem whether it is worth the effort for many to make the Netflix to Blockbuster switch.

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This new Blockbuster package won't offer much more to subscribers who don't play video games. To add to the uncertainty of which company would be better, Blockbuster has seen many of its stores close in the past few years. Therefore, exchanging videos in-house may not be as appealing as it sounds.