Bobbi Kristina Brown and family
Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Gary Houston and Patricia Houston attend the opening night of "The Houstons: On Our Own" in New York on Oct. 22, 2012. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown and her grandmother Cissy Houston marked their attendance Thursday at the DeKalb County Courthouse for the opening of the hearing on Bobby Brown’s application to gain guardianship over Bobbi Kristina’s $20 million estate. The estate was handed over to Bobbi Kristina through her mother Whitney Houston’s will.

According to the will, if the 22-year-old dies, the estate would be handed down to Cissy, aunt Pat Houston and uncle Gary Houston. Pat is reportedly the executor of the will.

The courthouse said that no information about the hearing can be disclosed at the time, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported, citing a court statement.

Steve Worrall, an estate planning attorney, told AJC, that even if Bobby Brown is granted the guardianship of Bobbi Kristina, it would not bring any changes to Whitney’s will. Worrall clarified that guardianship is used in reference to the person while a conservator takes care of the finances. He added that it is not uncommon for a person to apply for both guardianship and conservatorship.

“It would be appropriate for him to apply for guardianship, conservatorship or both. Once (Brown) is appointed as guardian he would have the authority to handle her person. A conservator would have the authority to make financial decisions. Certainly somebody needs to handle her financial affairs,” Worrall said, according to AJC.

Worrall said that even if Bobby Brown is allowed to become Bobbi Kristina’s guardian, his daughter will remain the sole heir as Whitney’s will states.

A report by the Inquisitr said that Cissy did not make any comments as she walked out of the courthouse on Thursday. Previously media reports, citing a family source, had said that Cissy will “fight this [guardianship] to the grave."

The source had said at the time: “Since day one, all of the Houstons have been waiting for Bobby to try and get Bobbi Kristina’s money and they knew it was just a matter of time. No one is surprised that he is making a grab for her money.”

Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub at her Georgia home on Jan. 31. Following this, she was put under a medically-induced coma and survived on life support. She was later moved to Atlanta's DeKalb Medical facility and has been taken off life support. However, the damage to her brain was “irreversible,” her grandmother Cissy reportedly said, citing doctors.

There is also an ongoing criminal probe into the case due to the suspicious injuries found on Bobbi Kristina’s body. Her alleged husband Nick Gordon is being investigated by authorities. Bobby Brown has reportedly said that Gordon has withheld information about that night, and is therefore, barred from seeing Bobbi Kristina.