Fort Worth police released the bodycam footage of officers rescuing an eight-year-old girl who was kidnapped in May.

Michael Webb, 51, received a life sentence last Thursday after a jury found him guilty of kidnapping in September.

The girl was out on an evening walk around 6:30 p.m. with her mother on May 18 when Webb snatched her off her mother's arms and fled in a car. A neighborhood doorbell camera footage showed the mother thrown out of the car and to the ground as Webb drove off. She was seen running past the houses screaming for help.

"The Ring doorbell video was the only piece of video that was available for this particular case," Chris Thompson, a special agent with the FBI’s Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Task Force, told ABC Nightline. "It was absolutely critical."

The distraught mother was able to describe the suspect and the police obtained details about the car from the doorbell video. Soon, Homeland Security and the FBI also got involved in the manhunt.

The police first received a tip about a man and a child at Forest Hill’s WoodSpring Suites hotel. But the police did not find the girl in the hotel room. More than eight hours into the search, the police received another tip at about 2 a.m. about a car matching the police's descriptions parked at the same hotel, Woodspring Suites.

When the police raided the hotel room again, they found the girl hiding in a laundry basket.

"We got her. We got her," an officer was heard saying in the body cam footage.

Webb later admitted to the police that she had threatened the girl. "I told her if she said anything, then I would do something to her parents, and if I was in jail, I would have my friends to do it," he said, in a video by NBC News.

handcuff woman
Former police officer Cassie Barker pleaded guilty to manslaughter after she admitted to having sex with her supervisor while her daughter was dying in a hot patrol car. This is a representational image of a woman in handcuffs during a protest in Ankara, Turkey, April 14, 2011. ADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images