The Bold and the Beautiful
Liam (Scott Clifton) tries convincing Wyatt (Darin Brooks) to partner up with him on the Sept. 29, 2017 episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful."  CBS

His brother was initially furious because he couldn't believe Liam had blackmailed Bill over the awful things he had done. However, Wyatt could find himself joining Liam in his crusade against Bill after his brother pitches they partner up against their father on the Friday, Sept. 29 episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

After finally learning that Bill (Don Diamont) was responsible for the fire at Spectra Fashions, and also got Thomas (Pierson Fode) to be with Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) in New York by lying about her health, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) was stunned by the news. However, he was also stunned that Liam (Scott Clifton) used all the information to blackmail their father into giving up his position as CEO of Spencer Publications. He went to confront his brother on the CBS soap, warning him that blackmailing their father wasn't the way to handle things, especially after all he's given them. However, Liam has since switched the conversation around, and is now trying to convince Wyatt to join him in his effort.

"Be my right-hand man," Liam says in a preview clip. "Run the company with me!"

Wyatt will be stunned by Liam's suggestion, because he isn't sure that going up against Bill is the right call to make, because he knows their father won't hesitate to get revenge on them later if they keep the company out of his reach and continue to run it the way Liam sees fit—which goes against everything that Bill has always stood for.

However, Liam will remain determined that a partnership between them would be the best thing to do, assuring his brother that they are the future of the company, and there is nothing that can stop them if they work together.

"This is a new era bro, and you and me? We're at the top," he says.

Meanwhile, Bill is still expressing his sorrow that his actions not only cost him his company and a relationship with Liam, but also his marriage to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Liam's wife, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), will be by his side once again, as she tries to console him about the situation, assuring him that someday, a better woman will come along, and she won't run at the first sign of things not being perfect.

"A woman's going to come into your life that's going to make you forget that Brooke Logan ever existed," she says in the clip.

However, Steffy may live to regret those words, as well as how much she's sided with Bill, if he gets an idea in his head to get the best form of revenge on his son. Bill has never hesitated to get payback on someone he feels wronged him—and the best form of payback towards Liam could be kissing Steffy, and officially starting to cause problems in their marriage.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.