Massachusetts police said a woman who was kidnapped in January in Boston was raped and forced to drink alcohol by her captor, prosecutors said in the Suffolk County Superior Court on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old woman disappeared from a bar in January after a night out with her friends. She was missing for two days and was later found in an apartment in Charlestown in Boston. The man was indicted by a grand jury on one count of kidnapping and 10 counts of aggravated rape. Since his first appearance in court on Jan. 23, he was being held without bail.

Police arrested Victor Pena, 38, after the woman was spotted on a surveillance video with him. She has no recollection of the series of events that led to her disappearance on Jan. 19.

Pena took the woman home after she and another man were escorted out of a bar for being heavily intoxicated. The man left with his friends leaving the woman alone. She encountered Pena on the way. At that time, one of his friends who told Pena to leave her alone since she was drunk. Pena ignored the man and walked with her. The surveillance video showed them walking together "hand in hand" but “up close on the video, it was obvious she was out of it and unable to walk in her own,” a prosecutor said. Pena then took the woman on a train to his place and a witness told the court Pena was “propping up the victim beside him, who was listless with eyes fluttering.”

According to court documents, the woman remembers waking up “on a bare mattress in Pena’s apartment” and when she tried to leave, the man stopped her and told her to be quiet. He allegedly threatened to kill her several times.

However, Pena told the court that he rescued her from the street and he loved her. He claimed they were going to start a family together.

The woman said she was raped several times over the next couple of days and that Pena fed her canned pineapple and made her drink whiskey. Pena also took pictures of himself with the victim who looked “listless” and “lethargic.” He also made her wear sunglasses for the pictures and forced her to smile and kiss him.

He even made her read verses from the Bible in Spanish. He took her phone away when she tried to collect her things and escape.

Court documents also said that Pena installed an unauthorized deadbolt on his front door to prevent her from escaping. When the woman tried to escape a second time, she found the door locked with a deadbolt and out of fear of her life, she offered to help Pena clean his apartment in an attempt to placate him.

Her friends looked for her and tracked her phone which showed it to be in Charlestown. Police were informed and when they tried to open the door at Pena’s apartment, they found it locked with the deadbolt. As a locksmith tried opening it, Pena gave the woman her phone and asked her to text one of her friends. He then opened the door for the police who saw the woman “shaking and visibly frightened.”

When officers tried to detain him, Pena resisted but was finally caught. He appeared in court in February and “played up symptoms of possible incompetency” which after medical evaluations were deemed pretentious. Post his arrest, Pena spent almost a month undergoing mental competency evaluations and professionals determined he was mentally fit to stand trial.

During his trial, he also claimed that he took the woman home because she needed his help and reminded him of his daughter whom he had not seen in ten years. These claims were not taken into account during his arraignment.

His next court date was set on April 10.