Girl meets world
Katy (Cheryl Texiera) and Shawn (Rider Strong) got married in Season 3, episode 10 of “Girl Meets World.” Disney

Uh oh … does Angela still have feelings for Shawn? They might have been fictional characters on “Boy Meets World,” but actress Trina McGee took to her Facebook page on Friday to post a photo that appears to be in response to her old on-screen boyfriend getting married on the latest episode of the Disney series “Girl Meets World.”

On Friday McGee, 46, posted a photo of a record. But it’s what the record says that is the real head turner: “Stop The Wedding” by Etta James. Click HERE to see the photo on Mcgee’s Facebook page.

“Boy Meets World” fans know McGee as Angela Moore, Shawn Hunter’s (Rider Strong) longtime girlfriend. The series ended in 2000 with the couple splitting up so that Angela could move to Europe with her dad. When Disney launched the spinoff series, “Girl Meets World,” Angela and Shawn finally came face-to-face in Season 2. But the reunion wasn’t so that the two characters could rekindle their romance.

Girl Meets World
Angela (Trina McGee, second from right) encouraged Shawn (Rider Strong, not pictured) to pursue a relationship with Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) mom, Katy (Cheryl Texiera), in Season 2, episode 9 of "Girl Meets World." Also pictured: Rowan Blanchard as Riley (left) and Ben Savage as Cory (right) Disey

Angela showed up in town to talk to Shawn as a friend. She revealed to her ex that she married a military man four years ago, and that he wanted to have kids with her. Angela was nervous about making that life changing decision because she own mother left as a child. However, Shawn gave her the push that she needed, encouraging her that she’d be a great mom. Angela returned the favor by telling Shawn to open his heart to love again — with Maya’s (Sabrina Carpenter) mother, Katy (Cheryl Texiera).

McGee commented on Shawn and Katy’s Season 3, episode 6 engagement on Twitter in July, telling a fan that she feels “happy for the characters” and is excited to see Shawn “finally get his happily ever after.” It’s unclear if her Facebook photo on Friday night was a jab at the episode or just odd timing.

Shawn and Katy got married in episode 10 of “Girl Meets World” Season 3. It was an emotional wedding, with Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) returning to the series to act as an officiant, and Maya getting called Shawn’s daughter for the first time. But the latest installment of the Disney series wasn’t without drama. Leading up to the nuptials, Maya expressed fear to Riley (Rowan Blanchard) about seeing her mother get hurt. She explained that she loved Shawn too much and couldn’t handle it if he broke her and her mother’s hearts. Fortunately everything seemed to end well for the new family — although it’s not clear if “Girl Meets World” is being renewed for a fourth season.