Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt has been romantically linked to Sandra Bullock. Pictured: Actor attends the world premiere of “World War Z” in London on June 2, 2013. Reuters/Neil Hall

Things between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already calmed down, and the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” are already back on speaking terms. Does this mean the “Allied” star is ready to move on and date again?

A new report has claimed that the “Fight Club” star and Sandra Bullock have started dating. Their hookup was reportedly instigated by mutual friend George Clooney, who apparently believes that the pair would make a great couple. “It was George who set Brad up with Sandy,” an insider told New Idea.

Pitt and Bullock attended Clooney’s charity event a couple of years ago. The two reportedly got along so well during the event that many thought they suited each other.

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After Pitt’s highly publicized split from Jolie, the “Money Monster” star has reportedly been planning to help the “Troy” actor move on. And the source claimed that Clooney thinks Bullock is the best person to help Pitt do so. “George is determined to help heal Brad’s heart and couldn’t think of anyone better than Sandy. They’re keeping it on the down-low.... George thought that Sandra was the ideal girl for Brad,” the insider explained.

However, this report should be taken with a grain of salt as another source recently revealed that Pitt is not in a hurry to get back in the dating game.

According to People, Pitt is currently content with the single life. In fact, the “Ocean’s Eleven” star has been enjoying a low-key social life and prefers to hang out with his old friends rather than start dating again. “He often has friends over,” said the insider. “Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it.”

Although he is not ready for a new romance, Pitt is getting back on his feet and seems to be much happier nowadays. However, prior to his recent upswing, Jolie’s husband reportedly locked himself in an art studio, where he spent 15 hours a day sculpting while listening to breakup ballads, Daily Mail reported. Sources revealed it was Pitt’s way of keeping his mind off everything he was going through.

What do you think of the alleged romance between Pitt and Bullock? Do you agree that the “Proposal” star is the ideal girl for the “By the Sea” actor? Drop a comment below.