The company behind the Bratz series of fashion dolls is partnering with a Canadian designer to bring a new series of Haute Couture dolls to the local market.

Calif.-based MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of Bratz, announced on Wednesday that it signed a deal with Montreal-based designer Marie Saint Pierre to launch Haute Couture en Coulisse(TM), a series of French-Canadian Bratz dolls.

“We recognize how important the Canadian market has become for the brand,” noted Isaac Larian, President of MGA Entertainment in a released statement. “We're thrilled to have a Canadian designer on board for this global first, and look forward to unveiling the new line during Marie's spring 2007 show.”

The line will introduce three new Bratz characters with French names - Emy, Noemie and Amélie - to suit French-Canadian consumers.

The dolls, introduced in 2001, have gone on to become a hit for MGA, which says it has issued more than 400 licenses for Bratz-related spin-off products.

The new dolls will be displayed during opening night at L'Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto on October 16.