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'Breast Milk Baby,' a Spanish-made baby doll packaged with 'lactating' flowers, is coming to U.S. toy stores.

The lactating flowers - which don't actually squirt liquid -- are attached to a halter top fit for little girls. Sensors embedded in the flowers trigger a suckling sound in the baby doll's mouth.

The doll is sparking some debate among feminists, some of which believe the doll is designed to tailor young girls for motherhood.

To me, it's like programming little girls for their future. You know, just in case you want to have a career, no, said Joy Behar about the doll on The View.

Why can't you do both, said Elisabeth Hassleback, The View's young conservative said, You can breastfeed and have a kid.

She then quickly corrected herself saying that you can have a child and a career.

Behar explained that it was because she was young and given baby dolls that she instinctively wanted a child when she grew to adulthood.

Berjuan, the Spanish company behind the breast milk baby, called Baby Glutton in Spanish, explained that it consulted many experts in the production of the doll.

According to an email correspondence between Berjuan owner Cesar Bernabeau and, the doll received the approval of the Asociacion Pro-Lacttancia Meterna de Espana, a Spanish organization promoting breast feeding.

ABCNews did not indicate whether any Spanish women's rights groups supported the breast-feeding doll.

But for some, feminism isn't the main issue at play in the breast feeding baby debate.

Give it to the young 14-year-old that wants to get on a reality show by getting pregnant, another sad case, wrote user OMG on a story on the doll.