Kanye West
Kanye West hasn't had the British Royal Family smiling. His noise level and "weed smoke" at the Lanesborough Hotel is said to be upsetting the royalty. Reuters

Kanye West is known for having a loud mouth, so it's not too surprising to hear that the British Royal Family is upset with the rappers noise level. West has been staying next door to Buckingham Palace at the Lanesborough Hotel where the Royal family has complained about noise levels and weed smoke.

Living in London for the past couple months while he works on his music and fashion, West has reportedly rented out the whole top floor of the hotel. According to News.com.au, a suite at the posh hotel costs $4,000 a night. West hasn't been staying at the Lanesborough alone though. Contact Music reveals that Common, Pusha T and Big Sean have been holed up in London with West.

According to rapper Big Sean who visited West's temporary living quarters, We went to London and we were right next to the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family. There were members of the Royal Family staying below us. Big Sean went on to tell The Sun that Kanye had rented out the top floor and we was banging that b**ch out. Every room was a studio. The Royal Family below were complaining like, 'We got all this loud-ass rap music above us and weed smoke.'

They paid all this money and you don't expect to get these kind of complaints, continued Big Sean.

West has been giving Royal Family members a bit of a break from the raucous. According to Contact Music, the rapper joined in on a Jack the Ripper tour that walks participants through the streets that the infamous and mysterious serial killer preyed on his victims. West told a participant of the walk that he is immersing himself in the history of the East End to get inspiration for his fashion range. Unfortunately for Kanye West his new clothing line isn't slaying the critics like he thought it would.