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  • Rumors circulated that BTS' Jimin is dating South Korean actress Song Da-eun
  • Some alleged they shared "couple items" and were spotted in the same locations
  • Fans have since debunked the rumors, claiming the evidence was not credible

Rumors have been circulating that BTS member Jimin has been dating South Korean actress Song Da-eun. But several fans refused to believe that there was any truth to it.

The 27-year-old "Like Crazy" hitmaker has been linked to the 32-year-old former "Heart Signal 2" contestant since last year after some fans — known as ARMYs — speculated that the two shared "couple items," were spotted in the same locations, followed each other on Instagram exclusively and were introduced by mutual friends in the entertainment industry, according to Allkpop.

But one fan has since debunked the speculation, listing down all the alleged evidence and the reasons why she believed the rumor was not true. The fan shared the "fact check" list on popular online forum sites.

On the list, the user started explaining why she thought Jimin and Da-eun were not together during a game at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea. The fan claimed that the alleged couple were seated at opposite sides and that the singer attended the match alongside his BTS bandmate J-Hope.

As for the "couple items," the user said the items were just commonly bought in stores or were sponsored. Most fans speculated that the pair wore matching earrings, but the fan alleged they were different. Jimin's was from a brand called Just Lover, while Da-eun' was from Hanna Jewelry.

There was also an allegation that they wore matching V-shaped necklaces. But this has since been debunked as the user showed alleged evidence that Jimin wore the necklace after BTS got selected as a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton in 2021. Meanwhile, Da-eun has been wearing her necklace since 2018, and it was from Swarovski.

The user continued that the two stars did not share the same items, such as plates, pots, a coach, a dining table and a pole, which have been seen either on Instagram or BTS' official Weverse account. The fan highlighted how different the items were in terms of shape, size and color.

Aside from the "fact check" list presented, Da-eun denied the dating rumors several times when she went live on Instagram. In some cases, the actress would receive questions about whether or not she was dating Jimin. She would then respond that she was not, insisting that she didn't know Jimin personally.

As the post circulated on online forums, fans also shared their opinions on the matter. Some said that they knew it wasn't true in the first place, while others questioned why it would be an issue if Jimin dated.

"[Jimin] can date, why are the fans like this?" one user commented, while another said, "These were all lies and forced. Please leave Jimin alone now."

"This is why idols hide their relationships. It's pitiful," a third user said.

"I never believed in it in the first place," a fourth user said.

Neither Jimin nor his longtime label BigHit Music has addressed the dating rumor since last year.

Song Da-eun
South Korean actress Song Da-eun. instagram.com/da.eun.da.eun