• Jimin debuted as the main dancer and lead vocalist of BTS on June 13, 2013
  • Jimin’s birthday advertisements will be displayed in the Dubai Mall
  • BTS fans have organized large-scale advertisements across the globe for his birthday

The BTS army took over Twitter to kickstart the celebrations for Jimin's upcoming birthday and have organized over 120 projects across the globe.

Park Jimin, popularly known as Jimin is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer. He debuted as the main dancer and lead vocalist of the seven-member boy band BTS on June 13, 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS has the biggest fanbase in the world due to its popularity and global influence. Unsurprisingly, the fans had a lot of plans for Jimin’s birthday. Jimin was born in 1995 and celebrates his birthday on Oct. 13.

With less than two weeks left, his fans from all over the world took to Twitter to celebrate the birth month of the 24-year-old singer with the hashtag #HelloJimtober which is a combination of Jimin + October. The hashtag trended in numerous countries including Algeria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Greece, UAE, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, and the U.S.

The fans have also organized various events for the singer’s birthday such as large-scale advertisements across the globe, various donations in the singer’s name, and roadside banner to promote the singer. They’ve also arranged a Jimin-themed bus and more.

It was recently revealed that the fans had received special permission to post Jimin’s birthday advertisements in The Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall is extremely cautious of their advertisements and only receives commercial advertisements from well-known brands. However, they accepted to do so due to the extremely high popularity and reach of the singer, as reported by Allkpop.

CGV-M Live Media located at Gangnam, Seoul, which is also known to have strict regulations, also granted fans permission to advertise for the singer’s birthday.

Along with that, the Seoul City Government and Myeongdong Special Tourism Zone Association also granted special permission for Jimin's birthday advertisements due to his status in South Korea as well as his influence worldwide. Thanks to this, an entire Jimin-theme street is set to be organized.

According to the fans, Jimin will be the first Korean artist to have his very own theme festival in Myeongdong. His birthday will also be advertised on over 3000 large screens in Seoul Metropolitan Subway, a major underground transportation hub in Seoul.

BTS Pictured: BTS performs onstage during the 2017 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 19, 2017 in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Winter