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  • BTS member Suga is set to release his full-length solo debut, "D-Day," on April 21
  • The 10-song album features several collaborations, including songs with late composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and J-Hope
  • Suga dropped "People Pt. 2" Friday ahead of "D-Day's" official release

BTS member Suga is gearing up for the release of his first official solo album under his alter ego Agust D, titled "D-Day," and he has dropped the complete 10-song tracklist.

The record, which is the final installment to his mixtape trilogy after 2016's "Agust D" and 2020's "D-2," will open with the track "D-Day," which is produced by Vincent "Invincible" Watson and 2Live.

It is followed by the main track "Haegeum," which was produced by Suga and will feature the sound of a haegeum — a traditional Korean string instrument that the rapper also used on his song "Daechwita" from "D-2."

The upcoming album will also include "Snooze," a special collaboration with award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto — a pioneer of the electronic music genre who recently passed away due to rectal cancer. Sakamoto was well-known for his score for "The Last Emperor," which earned him an Oscar in 1988.

Suga also collaborated with fellow BTS member J-Hope, who co-wrote "HUH?!" and "Life Goes On" for "D-Day."

Rounding up the tracklist are the songs "Amygdala," "SDL," "Interlude: Dawn," "Polar Night" and "People Pt. 2."

Ahead of his album's release, Suga dropped "People Pt. 2" last week — his second project with South Korean soloist IU following 2020's "Eight" — which recently topped Billboard's new music poll with 96% of votes, surpassing Labrinth's "Never Felt So Alone" featuring Billie Eilish, Drake's "Search & Rescue," YoungBoy Never Broke Again's "WTF" featuring Nicki Minaj, and NF's "Hope," among others.

"People Pt. 2" is a follow-up to Suga's "People," which was released on his second mixtape three years ago.

In an interview with Billboard Friday, Suga revealed that the collaboration track with IU was initially titled "Sara."

"Originally, the title was 'Sara,' without the 'M' consonant in Korean — because that's, like, one consonant less than the word 'saram,' which is Korean for 'people,'" he said.

"Depending on whichever consonant you put at the end of the word 'sara' it can become 'saram' and 'people,' or it can become 'sarang' or 'love' in Korean. So, it's the listener's choice to put which consonant you want at the end of 'sara,'" he explained, adding that they eventually went with "People" after numerous revisions.

While discussing releasing music as Agust D versus as Suga of BTS, the rapper shared that he didn't have a "different mindset for each moniker" but that the "purposes could be somewhat different."

"Ultimately, the goal of releasing this music is for as many people to listen to my music as possible. So, 'People Pt.2' was made thinking about how people will receive Agust D's music, which is why we also featured IU. It's kind of a trial to release this music under the name Agust D. I'm actually a little bit worried," he said.

"D-Day" is set to hit music streaming platforms on April 21.

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