Foul play ruled out in death of Rebecca Zahau in Coronado, California undated photograph
Rebecca Zahau's family is re-opening the investigation into the mysterious death of the 32-year-old woman, citing disagreement with the suicide ruling. Reuters

Jonah Shacknai, pharmaceutical tycoon of Arizona and the founder and the chief executive of Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corp., has mailed a letter to Attorney General of California asking the latter to review the finding of the death of his long-time girlfriend Rebecca Zahau, which was ruled as suicide.

Zahau's dead body was found on July 13 hanging naked from a balcony of a mansion located in an affluent suburb of San Diego owned by her boyfriend Shacknai. Her wrists and ankles were tied with red rope. However, in a black paint, the words she saved him can you save her was found in a nearby bedroom. The words were allegedly written by Zahau. She died at about 3 a.m. and found dead at 6:45 a.m.

Just two days before Zahua's death, Max, the six-year old son of Shacknai died after falling accidentally to the bottom of the stair while under the care of Zahau in the mansion.

Investigators believed that Zahua committed suicide overwhelmed by the guilt of Max's death. A criminal defense attorney Roy Black, who has followed the case closely and examined the autopsy reports, told ABC News that the police's conclusion of Zahau committed suicide is inescapable.

The chances of someone wrapping a rope around her neck, dragging her up and throwing her over the balcony without her fighting back, without a single piece of evidence with no evidence of a struggle is virtually impossible, he said.

However, Zahau's family never agreed with the conclusion for the circumstances that Zahau died was regarded as too strange. Zahau was found hanging nude on a balcony and her mouth was gagged and her wrists and ankles were tied with a red rope. The family couldn't believe Zahau, a devout Christian, would commit suicide. She could have been murdered or at least the cause of death can't be determined.

Mary Zahau, Rebecca's sister, said her sister would not hurt anyone including herself.

Zahau's family attorney Anne Bremner employed a prestigious forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht to study Zahau's autopsy report.

Wecht also doubts that Zahau had killed herself for it's uncommon for a woman to commit suicide while she is naked. Furthermore, Zahau even put a gag in her mouth and tied her hands behind her back.

Women have a sense of propriety, of decorum, of dignity, even when they're committing suicide, Wecht said.

Zahau's boyfriend Shacknai wrote a letter to Attorney General of California, asking the authority to review the findings, which will enhance the public's confidence and finally bring closure to these terrible tragedies.

To be clear, I have no reason to doubt the San Diego and Coronado authorities' findings, and I remain appreciate of their dedication and professionalism throughout this process, Shacknai wrote.

At the same time, I believe the only way to achieve some dignified resolution for everyone who has been touched by the horrible events of this summer will be through the efforts of your office. I pray Max and Rebecca are now at peace and I hope you might be able to help the rest of us ... achieve some peace and closure, the millionaire wrote.

Lynda Gledhill, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Kamala Harris, told CNN We're in receipt of the letter, without any further comment.