Battlefield 3 is one of the most awaited FPS games of the year
Battlefield 3 screenshot.

Battlefield 3 is the beginning of the war, declared John Riccietiello, chief executive of gaming company EA (Electronic Arts) at the E3 2011 meet in Los Angeles. The EA head made it clear that a war is on and it’s time Activision took the company seriously.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, last year, made revenue of $400 million in one day. This has to be a major reason for other developing companies to take notice and follow steps accordingly to bring down Activision’s success rate.

Here are the top five features that Modern Warfare 3 could steal from Battlefield 3.

Game Engine: EA’s Battlefield 3 will boast the new Frostbite 2.0 engine, which Activision should consider as a serious threat to their existing hold on the market. EA has not left any stone unturned in bringing out a game that can finally counter COD: MW series. The Frostbite 2 engine is supposed to deliver more firepower to the game, which will include sophisticated destruction, graphics and sound compared to the previous version. An additional Destruction 3.0 has also been included, which will provide filtered physics compared to its ancestors.

Infinity Ward, however, have confirmed that the upcoming MW3 will not go for a new engine development, but will run on the modified Quake III engine to compete with EA as a new engine will mean more money and more time.

ANT Technology: Apart from the sophisticated graphics, EA will also introduce ANT, a brand new character animation technological update that was previously used in sports games such as FIFA. ANT has been adopted for BF3 to create a more realistic soldier. The gameplay videos, however, are a major proof of what EA is about to unleash in the form of Battlefield 3 on Infinity Ward. Honestly, the character in Battlefield is more realistic than what MW3 has created.

Platform: Before E3, Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision, had in a report said that he had seen a preview of Battlefield 3 on PC and commented that the game was a small time initiative for PC gamers but still devoid of console gaming which happens to be the bulk of the gaming business. He added that MW3 would be the result of vast amount of audience research.

Kotik, however, was proven horribly right as the PC version of the game looks totally mind-blowing with Frostbite Engine 2 initiated. Riccitiello, earlier, had responded to Kotick by saying that the Activision boss knows that BF3’s PC version is far superior to what MW3 will actually cater to its PC gamers and the PS3 version BF3 would be mind blowing.

iOS: As per the latest news, Battlefield 3 will have a slight advantage over COD: MW3 when the iOS platform is questioned. The reports said that MW 3, unlike BF3, will not support iOS. That means Infinity Ward will miss out a chunk of audience who will be using iPhone and iPad. That may prove to be a problem as a recent survey said that iPhone 4 is the most popular smartphone in the U.S., followed by iPhone 3GS.

Originality and Innovation: Although MW3 has provided the gamers with breath-taking action sequences in a cinematic style; the all-guns-blazing experience of the game makes it a bit unrealistic as the character loses its originality. BF3, however, will focus on a more realistic team work. You make your approach alone and you will be killed mercilessly. The in-game command set-up has also been slightly modified to give the game a more realistic look, which may or may not be a problem for you.