• The elephant, named "Andal," was seen complaining adorably to its mahout
  • The viral clip has garnered over 23 million views as of Thursday
  • Twitter users praised the bond between the elephant and its mahout

Nothing in this world can rival an animal’s childlike innocence, and an adorable video of a camera-shy elephant is proof.

The video, which surfaced late last month, showed an elephant in India complaining to its mahout about people clicking its pictures, and the clip went viral in no time.

The endearing video reflects the incredible bonding elephants share with their mahouts, who are their first port of call when they feel discomfort. In the video, the elephant, named Andal, makes adorable sounds to communicate with its mahout who patiently hears its complaints while holding its trunk in an affectionate embrace.

The clip, recorded in Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, a Hindu temple in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was shared by a Twitter user on Dec. 26 and has racked up over 23 million views as of Thursday.

The video left users gushing over the deep connection between the elephant and its trainer, while many praised the untainted beauty of the animal.

"Thank you and GauPrem for uploading these cute videos. Really cheer up my day," one user wrote in the comment section.

"A warm, soft hug for Dear Andal...Ganu, tell her she need not be shy, she's beautiful..." wrote another.

"When you manage to talk to an animal. Yes, you have achieved something in your life. Such a beautiful relationship it is. Wish I can also talk to her like this," a user said.

In another video, shared on the comment thread by another user, "Andal" could be seen proudly walking down a street with its mahout in tow.

Several temples across India continue the long-standing tradition of decorating elephants in their finery and walking them in possessions to mark notable religious festivals. The tradition, however, puts the temples at odds with animal rights activists.

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