Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello continues to work on new music since leaving Fifth Harmony. The singer is pictured attending The 59th Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Since she left Fifth Harmony in December, Camila Cabello has been hard at work on her first solo album. The 20-year-old singer recently gave fans an update on her progress in creating new music.

On Monday, Cabello made light of the countless hours she put in the studio by comparing herself to a Gremlin, a fictional creation from the “Gremlins” movie franchise. The singer shared a gif of a Gremlin looking overstimulated, as if it was on a caffeine high.

“Me after working on lyrics melodies and backgrounds on songs for 11 hrs drinking 2 cups of coffee,” Cabello tweeted.

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Prior to that, the singer tweeted that the coffee her music producer Matt Beckley gave her helped with completing a song. “I’m never giving @Camila_Cabello coffee ever again. Like feeding a GD gremlin after midnight,” the producer tweeted.

Cabello responded with a funny gif of supermodel Tyra Banks flipping her hair. “@teneightEight ya but makes for a great ad lib track right,” the singer tweeted.

There have been several rumors circulating that Cabello’s single will be released in the near future. On April 19, an Us Weekly reporter tweeted that the tune will be released on May 5, according to Just Jared Jr. However, neither Cabello nor her team have confirmed or denied news about the single.

Later on that week, Cabello’s manager Roger Gold tweeted, “CC1” but didn’t give out any other clues. Only time will tell when the Fifth Harmony alum will release her new music but for now, fans will just have to remain patient as the starlet puts the finishes touches on her solo piece.