A video showing an alligator trying to eat a turtle went viral after it was shared online. The 18-second clip answered the question if an alligator's jaw is powerful enough to crack a turtle's shell.

The clip was shared by Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer Naveed Trumboo, who tweeted: "Thick skin and a strong mind are essential if you want to survive in this world. Nobody can break you down if you don't let them. -Unknown (sic).”

The clip shows the alligator trying to break the turtle's shell using the force of its jaws and swallow the reptile. However, the alligator does not manage to do so. During one of the attempts, when the alligator opens its mouth, the turtle slips down and hops away. It was not clear where this incident took place.

Several Twitter users pointed out the alligator looked very disappointed following the failed attempts.

"Taking the jaw strength of croc into account, it is fantastic that the tortoise got away. Must have a very hard shell," one user wrote. Another user called the reptile "poor helpless." Many users also praised the turtle's survivor skills.

However, it is not always that a turtle comes out victorious in its battle with an alligator.

In June, a video showing an alligator attacking a turtle went viral. The 24-second video showed the 11-foot-long gator biting the turtle and flinging it like a rag doll. The incident took place at the Swamp Park near Ocean Isle Beach.

The park posted photos of the gator holding the dead turtle in its mouth and captioned it, “I guess he was tired of getting snapped at.” Some Facebook users said the gator appeared as if it was grinning.

alligator Pixabay