A man in India was handed the death penalty for killing his mother and eating her body parts.

A court in the western state of Maharashtra announced the sentence Thursday. Sunil Kuchikorvi was accused of ripping the body of his 62-year-old mother apart and removing her organs. He then allegedly chopped the woman's body parts into pieces and ate some after cooking them on a frying pan, The Times of India reported.

Prosecutors said the incident, which took place on Aug. 28, 2017, was suspected to be an act of cannibalism.

The 35-year-old accused was sentenced after being found guilty of murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

"Kuchikorvi was a drunkard. On the day of the incident, he had asked his mother for some money for buying liquor, and when she refused, he hacked her to death using some sharp weapons. The accused then ripped the right side of her body and removed heart, kidney, intestines and other organs and placed them on the kitchen platform," public prosecutor Vivek Shukla was quoted by Mid-Day, citing Press Trust of India.

“We had sought the death sentence. There are precedents in ’rarest of rare’ cases when hanging till death sentence is given. He murdered his own mother and desecrated the body in a way no one could imagine,” Shula said, according to The Times of India.

A senior police officer said authorities took the help of DNA profiling in the case.

“We carried out stomach-wash, hand-wash and foot-wash and the samples were sent for DNA profiling. All samples matched with the decease. We had 12 eyewitnesses on our side. Also, the scene of the murder site and the condition of the deceased body were sufficient to prove the cruelty of the accused,” officer S.S. More said.

However, the case may now move to the higher court as the family of the accused was not satisfied with the sentencing, defense lawyer Vijay Lambore reportedly said.

“The relatives of the accused are not satisfied with the verdict. They are going to appeal in Bombay High Court. We have handed over all documents related to the case to the relatives for further legal steps they may want to take,” he said.

Crime scene police line | Representational Image
Crime scene police line | Representational Image GETTY IMAGES / SCOTT OLSON