Capital Grille, an upscale chain of steakhouses, is coming under fire on social media after former Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms revealed one of the restaurants turned her away because of her attire, but many feel it was actually related to her skin color.

Bottoms took to Twitter to reveal that she was turned away from the location at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta on Friday, allegedly because she was wearing leggings, which she found odd because she was wearing “mall” attire and noted another woman who followed her in seemed to potentially get service, even though she was dressed similarly.

Following the tweet, others quickly noted photos that had been posted of other patrons at the chain’s restaurants where they were dressed not according to a dress code, indicating they felt there was another reason Bottoms was turned away.

Many noted examples of men and women in leggings and other attire that wasn’t as formal, stating that those patrons all were White, whereas Bottoms is Black.

Others shared their thoughts on the restaurant, including former employees who stated the company did have a culture that implied a dress code but noted it was only enforced on patrons who were Persons of Color.

A tweet from the company itself back in 2018 also resurfaced, where they replied to a question on Twitter about their dress code and actually stated that they didn’t have one, though most of their patrons did dress in business casual attire.

The company has not made a statement regarding Bottoms’ experience or the commentary that has circulated online about the incident.

Keshia Lance Bottoms
Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms arrives at the Good Neighbor Club Grand Opening at Coan Park Recreation Center on December 16, 2021 in Atlanta. Casey Sykes/Getty Images