Cardinal Timothy Dolan began Lent by making his Ash Wednesday rounds, just after returning from the Vatican where he was made a price of the church, according to the NY Post. Dolan handed out food to the homeless at St. Francis of Asssisi Church on 31st Street just before heading uptown to St. Patrick's Cathedral, where he held an afternoon session of mass.

This is what it's all about. Those red robes that change and title...actually God cares a lot more about this than he does about that. When I stand before him at the last judgement, the fact that I might be wearing red isn't gonna amount to a hill of beans. The fact that we shared our bread with the hungry that's what's gonna count. So that's what Ash Wednesday is all about, said Dolan.

Dolan's followers and fans greeted him with warm smiles, congratulating him on his promotion to the College of Cardinals.