• Carl Reiner's daughter, Annie, used his Twitter account to post about Donald Trump
  • Annie said her dad would be disappointed to not see Trump's eviction from the White House 
  • Annie's post triggered the hashtag #DoItForCarl on social media

Carl Reiner's daughter, Annie Reiner, took over his Twitter account and used it to slam President Donald Trump.

On July 3, Carl’s daughter made remarks against the U.S. president using her late father’s account. Annie said that her late dad “would be disappointed” to not live long enough to witness Trump’s eviction from the White House.

“As you may know, Carl passed away on Monday, June 29th at the good old age of 98. We wanted to write a final tweet for him to let you know how much he appreciated your responses and support,” Annie wrote using Reiner’s official Twitter account.

“I will say one last thing for him. I know he would be disappointed not to have lived to see Trump's eviction from the White House, to make America safe again for honor and truth. Please VOTE! Annie Reiner,” she added.

The post triggered the hashtag “#DoItForCarl” and many expressed their support to it.

“Vote. If not for yourself, your future, your country, your loved ones, or for strangers who need it. Do it for Carl. #DoItForCarl,” @joshvetter wrote.

“After the sadness of his passing, that was the first thing I thought of. I remember that as his favorite wish. When that happens, I will include him in my celebration. #DoItForCarl,” @gtpinky52 added.

“Vote out tRump & his corrupt GOP cronies in November. Do it for your country. Do it for the memory of a magnificent man. #DoItForCarl Reiner,” @TownOh commented.

“Comedians use stories and timing to reveal the farce of reality. @carlreiner was a master. #RIP Let’s roll up our sleeves & #DoItForCarl,” @dcarr_99 stated.

#DoItForCarl and let's make it happen!” @dogs4kerry wrote.

“Well, he didn't achieve his goal. But we can do him proud in November anyway. #doitforcarl,” Anne Canright added.

Meanwhile, a number of Twitter users also shared how the late comedian brought joy into their lives. Several recalled how Carl made them laugh so hard.

“I'm so sorry for your loss. I never met your dad but he brought a lot of laughter into my life,” @Erwin_Joe wrote.

“He made me laugh in a totally different way than ompa lumpa! #doitforcarl,” @Marckthesilver2 added.

A different user also shared a snap of Carl’s previous post about not leaving this world without seeing Trump out of the office.

“Annie ... I never forgot this tweet of your father’s. So sorry he did not live to see this. Loved his work but reading his tweets every day as well. Deepest sympathies to you & your family,” @truhollywdnoir wrote.

According to Variety, when Carl was still alive, there were two topics he loved to cover in his tweets – movies and Trump. The natural comedian usually shared posts with humor whenever he tweeted about Trump like the post with “re-sign” and “resign.”

Meanwhile, Trump also has many supporters. Just recently, one supporter took to Twitter and wrote, “FOUR MORE YEARS! #MAGA.”

“Please dear Jesus, Keep our President as President,” a different netizen commented.

“U go Trump2020!” another added.

“Absolutely Right your the best President,” another social media user opined.

Donald Trump has joked that he would love to see his face on Mount Rushmore
Donald Trump has joked that he would love to see his face on Mount Rushmore AFP / Nicholas Kamm