George Anthony and Cindy Anthony
George Anthony, left, and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, were interviewed on Dr. Phil about the death of their granddaughter. Reuters

Mixed emotions and contradicting views and statements on Caylee's death came by as Casey Anthony's parents were interviewed by Phil McGraw at the Dr. Phil show.

Anthony's father, George, said that he believes that Caylee was drugged, and thats what caused her death.

I believe that Casey or someone else that she was with, possibly gave too much to Caylee, she fell asleep and didn't wake up. That's what I feel, George Anthony said in the second part of the interview that was aired on Wednesday.

While Cindy Anthony believes that Caylee's death was caused by drowning in the swimming pool, George Anthony firmly believes that Caylee died by some other means and no one but Anthony has the knowledge of what exactly happened. He believes that Anthony might have accidently drugged the toddler and tried to cover it up with her lies.

Anthony's parents and the police believed her lies till the time Caylee's skeletal remains were found.

Cindy also said that Anthony could have also known as to where Caylee was buried and might have helped place her body as well.

I believe Casey knew or had knowledge of placing Caylee there, Cindy Anthony said. ...I'm not justifying what Casey did. But until I find out what happened to Caylee and what happened to Casey that day, I have to live with what I know.

Cindy also told McGraw that although she prayed for three years for Anthony to go to jail, the fact that she was acquitted is reason enough to believe that it was not her fault. She said she did not want to judge Anthony and that God would do judge and set her free.

If Casey is watching this someday - Yes, I think she's responsible for Caylee not being here, George Anthony said.

The couple's interview with McGraw at the Dr. Phil show was taped and aired over a period of 2 days.

Another portion of the interview that also contains Anthony's murder trial will be aired later this month.

Anthony has virtually disappeared from the public eye since her acquittal in July from the murder charges of her daughter. The case raised nation-wide interest in the trial and was followed closely by the media and public. Once the verdict was given out by the jury, a lot of people who believed that Anthony was responsible for Caylee's death were unhappy and outraged.

She has been issued death threats from people and for the same reason, her whereabouts are kept confidential by police officials. Nothing is known except for the fact that she is somewhere in Florida serving a year of probation on a separate check fraud conviction.

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