Casey Anthony's safety after Sunday's release faces a serious threat, with numerous reports of attacks on those who hold indirect relationship to Anthony.


Jennifer Ford from Jacksonville, Fla. who shares the name of Casey Anthony trial's juror No.3, has received dozens of angry messages on Facebook and angry phone calls along with her mother.  

In Oklahoma, a Casey Anthony look-alike was violently attacked. Sammay Blackwell was driving away from the convenience store where she worked when a woman driving a van intentionally rammed her car, causing it to flip over two and a half times. Blackwell, terrified, decided to play dead.

She said that I was trying to hurt babies, I was killing babies and she was going to stop it before it happened again, said Blackwell.

Police arrested the driver, Shireen Nalley, on suspicion of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Nalley told the police that she was trying to save the children. In a bizarre twist, Blackwell's daughter is also named Caylee.

A 43-year-old Pennsylvania man whose name is Casey Anthony reportedly received hundreds of menacing Facebook messages, as well as friend requests. 

Anthony's parents also received death threats, and went into hiding after their daughter's not guilty verdict.


To Casey Anthony herself, hundreds of death threats were sent to her via Facebook and Twitter. One Facebook message reads, I got my gear and sights ready for Sunday!

Anthony's legal team also received email threats, including a modified photo of Anthony with a bullet hole through her forehead.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason expressed his concern, saying we fear for her safety. Sgt. John Allen warned indignant citizens, saying, A lot of people have strong sentiments about the outcome... Nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands,  

While how and when of the release are unclear, security experts explained to the Associated Press that the release should be in the middle of the night, and Anthony ought to be immediately rushed away to a safe house for days or even weeks. Due to the high-profile nature of this case and intense, emotional interest by the public, appropriate measures will be taken to release the individual into the community in such a manner so as to preserve the safety of the individual and public, said jail spokesman Allen Moore in an email to the AP.  

She's like every other resident or citizen here, said Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings according to the AP report. We're not going to be her personal security. Her attorneys will make appropriate decisions or prepare for her own security after that.