Casey Anthony
In a verdict that surprised everybody in the Orando, Florida courtroom, jurors acquitted Casey Anthony for murdering her two year old daughter Caylee Anthony. Reuters

Casey Anthony, the most hated woman in America, or the world, will be released from the Orange County Jail on Sunday, July 17.

While how and when of the release are unclear, security experts explained to the Associated Press that the release should be in the middle of the night, and Anthony ought to be immediately rushed away to a safe house for days or even weeks. Due to the high-profile nature of this case and intense, emotional interest by the public, appropriate measures will be taken to release the individual into the community in such a manner so as to preserve the safety of the individual and public, said jail spokesman Allen Moore in an email to the AP.

Casey Anthony's Murder Trial ended with one of the most controversial verdicts in American history, with the mother of murdered 2-year-old Caylee acquitted of the first-degree murder charge. Among the four charges, Casey Anthony was only sentenced guilty for four counts of lying to investigators, and she has just filed an appeal of her conviction on Friday.

Death Threats

Having spent more than 1,000 days inside the jail, Anthony is facing serious threats for her life once she is out.

Hundreds of death threats were sent to her via Facebook and Twitter. One Facebook message reads, I got my gear and sights ready for Sunday!

Anthony's legal team also received email threats, including a modified photo of Anthony with a bullet hole through her forehead.

There have been numerous reports where Casey Anthony's look-alikes and those with the same name were attacked.

Defense attorney Cheney Mason expressed his concern, saying we fear for her safety. Sgt. John Allen warned indignant citizens, saying, A lot of people have strong sentiments about the outcome... Nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands,

However, Anthony may need to deal with it on her own.

Officials stated that they will not be providing Anthony will heightened protection after her release, says the Christian Post.

We will not be providing any elaborate security protection for Casey once she leaves, stated Sheriff Jerry Demings. Demings office, however, will coordinate with the county jail to ensure Anthony's release on Sunday goes forward without any confrontation, reports the Post.

The nightmare isn't over.

Out of criminal court, Anthony will have to deal with civil lawsuits, including one filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, whose name was mentioned by Anthony as Caylee's nanny who abducted Caylee, which turned out to be a lie. Gonzalez claims that Anthony cost her a house, a job and subjected her to death threats.

Gonzales plans on suing for millions.

The IRS is also looking to collect money Anthony owes in back taxes, and a search-and-rescue group is also considering a lawsuit to recoup the more than $100,000 they say they spent looking for Caylee, reports ABC News.

A jury foreman said to Good Morning America on Friday I don't want to ever see Casey Anthony again.

Cash & Sex

With media frenzy and public outrage that led to (inter)national attention and hatred, will Casey Anthony be able to taste true freedom?

Perhaps, and she may go far enough to abuse her freedom.

Unless Anthony learned some sort of lessons from months of secluded jail life and stressful trial, she may as well go back to her former way of life, partying, dancing and having sex with random men.

TV psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow, who is currently writing a book on Anthony, thinks that the first thing the twenty-five year old will do is find a sexual partner.

Ms. Anthony has a history of using sex as an anesthetic, distancing herself from traumatic memories, emotional suffering and a range of other feelings-including guilt. Upon her release, she may well put romance at the top of her list, Ablow said in an article he wrote for FOX News.

Ablow suggests that Anthony will quickly find a drink when she gets home. He claims that Anthony found refuge in alcohol in the past and will likely do so again.

The wild guesses of Ablow also include prediction for Casey to shop online and build her body to make it sexually attractive.

If Casey Anthony is audacious enough to step into media, there are numerous chances for Casey to cash in on her story after her release.

A producer affiliated with The Jerry Springer Show allegedly offered $1 million to Anthony upon her appearance on the talk show, and, doubtlessly, received severe backlash. Offers of book deals and pornography are also widely speculated.

Legally Anthony is free to exploit profits from telling stories of her life, but would her freedom be protected once she makes a public appearance?

At least one thing is clear - Casey Anthony's release on Sunday will not be like anyone else's, and her life will never be ordinary.

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