Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony will be released for jail on Wednesday of next week. Reuters

Casey Anthony will be released from jail on Sunday, and many people want to know what she will do. Many are speculating that Anthony, who was recently found not guilty of the murder of her daughter Caylee, will have to change her name and appearance and go into hiding to avoid violence against her.

TV psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow, who is currently writing a book on Anthony, thinks that the first thing the 25-year-old will do is find a sexual partner.

Ms. Anthony has a history of using sex as an anesthetic, distancing herself from traumatic memories, emotional suffering and a range of other feelings-including guilt. Upon her release, she may well put romance at the top of her list, Ablow said in an article he wrote for FOX News.

Much of the anger surrounding the case was that Anthony spent months partying and dancing with random men at bars after her daughter's death. Anothy was apparently unphased by the daughter that she said was missing, and focusing her attention on having a good time.

Knowing this, Ablow suggests that Anthony will quickly find a drink when she gets home. He claims that Anthony found refuge in alcohol in the past and will likely do so again.

Similarly, Ablow believes that Anthony will spend her time getting in shape and buying things online. Even while in prison, Anthony talked about wanting to buy shoes, jackets and body hair-removing products. She will have to shop online, because she won't be able to go somewhere as public as a mall.

All four things Ablow predict hearken back to Anthony's behavior before her arrest.

He also expects Anthony to get down to some business. It seems that everyone in America is trying to guess when Anthony will write a book and who will play her in a movie. Since she likely won't be hired anytime soon, it would be a good financial move on her part, although it is likely to anger an American public that is not yet ready to forget.