More importantly than ever, celebrities and Influencers are speaking out against plastic surgery, and advocating for a new way to approach aesthetic enhancement. When we look back, we can see we’ve come a long way from MTV’s Spring Break of the 90’s & 2000’s. Even more foreign to our times today are movies making a rage about who will appear, in which film, wearing or not wearing what. Today’s generation has become so desensitized to these details. The internet of today has access to every inappropriate possibility the world can imagine. Teens scroll through their news feeds, and see things they shouldn’t see, every minute of everyday. The goals of the 90’s and 2000’s have vastly ran away, and without us even realizing it they’ve become something new entirely. The new trend of today is deviating from a world, where what’s “in” is the plastic surgery Jennie and Sally will try to undertake before they go off to college. As we know, the youth set the stage for what’s popular today, and the trends of 2020 are not those of the past 30 years. Just as the world that we live is a completely different one, as well.

Where did this all begin? If you haven’t realized, since the rise of MySpace and Facebook, we’ve dealt with a clash of social medias. Each one trying to topple the other. Today’s generation knows mostly of Instagram, Twitter, and the most recent star, Tik Tok. What do these all have in common? A growth towards a different way to communicate. Most specifically when speaking about Instagram and Tik Tok, we mean, video and pictures. This more than ever draws attention to the visual aspect of social communities’ daily postings & selfies, making aesthetics, more than ever, a need in order for teens and influencers to feel they should feel confident posting. Yet, its also caused an opposite effect. People, more than ever, have realized you don’t need to be something you’re not in order to have a following. We’ve learned you don’t need to change your aesthetics for people to accept you for who you are, and appreciate what you have to share. In a world where there’s so much artificial attention, Instagram has experimented with hiding “likes”, do Jennie and Sally really want to augment their bodies just for the comment section (after all we both know those comments aren’t becoming of them and no they do not want billybob42’s phone number)

Jodie Foster, in a conversation with More Magazine, "For me, it's really a self-image thing. Like, I'd rather have somebody go, 'Wow, that girl has a bad nose' than, 'Wow, that girl has a bad nose job.' I'd rather have a comment about who I am than about something that identifies me as being ashamed of who I am." Celebrities and Influencers all over have so much begun to feel this way, having been overwhelmed by the plastic society we all live in that the growing movement has been a completely different type of aesthetic tinkering. For example, one of the biggest names in this industry is, London’s Dr. Nina Bal. Educated at some of the finest institutions in Europe, Dr. Bal has celebrities flocking to her cosmetic practice to experience a state of the art, natural sculpting of their face. She’s perfected the art of making subtle, simple facial tweaks that lead to amazing improvements. The result-- a nonsurgical, nonplastic manner of enhancing people’s natural look. This style of cosmetics become quite the rave has it means people aren’t losing their faces for a fake face. They are receiving natural facial enhancements that enhance their true face. According to Dr. Nina, “I’m all about enhancing a patient’s innate beauty. I run my practice on the principle, that ‘less is more’. I’ve found it’s part of what has caused me to break through all the noise in today’s cosmetic industry. People are more and  more wanting a real change in their aesthetics that they can internally identify with.”

The reason why companies are all focusing on micro-influencers (under 50,000 followers) is because organic appeal is what’s in. It only took way too many years for us all to wake up and smell the coffee. The gap between big business and the small customer has closed and people everyday are starting instagram accounts and becoming influencers. The change has been that people seek an authentic connection. Not even just with others, but with themselves as well. One of the biggest NYT Best sellers of late, is the book “Brand You.” It’s because this one simple fact, we all want to find ourselves. It’s just not until this day and age that the masses are able to pierce through the vale and see what’s on the other side, allowing us all to really start to seek our truest version of ourselves, aesthetically and beyond.